Sweepstakes Casinos vs. Legalized Online Gambling



Will Sweepstakes Casinos Hold up Against an Increasing Number of States Legalizing Online Gambling?

Will Sweepstakes Casinos Hold up Against an Increasing Number of States Legalising Online Gambling?

Sweepstakes are online casino games and slots that offer the user the opportunity to gamble for free as well as for real cash prizes. They are a hybrid somewhere between online and social casinos. Sweepstakes casinos offer users the opportunity to buy gold coin packages which are bundled together with sweep coins, the sweep coins can then be used to gamble for real cash prizes.

What are Gold Coins?

Free gold coins are the currency used in sweepstakes casinos, these hold no real-world value. Users can get them for free by playing different games or they can buy them with cash.

Free sweepstakes coins, or sweepstakes cash, is a currency run alongside gold coins – players can use them to play games but cannot simply buy them individually for real money. Instead, this virtual currency is handed out through contests, gold coin purchases or by betting sweeps coins on slots, poker, and other table games.

All reputable sweepstakes casino apps allow players to cash out their sweeps coins for real cash prizes. Sweepstakes casinos remain legal in the US because they remove real money betting and use the gold coin system instead. Meaning you can use a sweepstakes casino in nearly every state in North America (49 to be exact.) Even if online gambling isn’t yet legal in your state.

Why do People Play at Sweepstakes Casinos?

Two of the main motivators for playing sweepstakes casinos are in entertainment and socialization with the added option of being able to gamble for real money. Users can enjoy the fun and relative novelty of the experience, more so than ever when it comes to connecting with other users.

According to industry source sweepstake-casinos.com, sweeps cash casino games offer increased user interactions, something that is appealing in the increasingly connected modern age. Players can search for their rivals and develop different strategies by learning from their previous experiences playing against each other.

The social element is a critical part of any kind of online gaming in today’s day and age. It is one of the most in-demand aspects of online life, with internet users becoming more and more conscious of the fact that sometimes the internet can be isolating just as much as it can be a force for connecting us.

How Important is the Social Element?

As social gaming is mainly a method of connecting with other internet users, one huge lesson that operators are taking note of after studying the phenomenon is that users respond extremely positively to enhanced sociability.

This observation is confirmed by the increasingly popular live dealer games, where players can chat and connect with other users, as well as interacting with a live dealer. Allowing users to feel as though they truly are in the thick of it on a casino floor.

Will They Last?

With more and more casinos starting to move into the online space, will there still be a place for sweepstakes casinos? It’s a valid question but sweepstakes casinos offer something different. The options they offer gamblers mean they’re a perfect place for users to play for free and hone their skills before taking it to the big leagues.

Gambling for free almost sounds like an oxymoron but many simply enjoy the challenge without the high stakes. You can play sweepstakes with the comfort of knowing there is nothing to lose – an attractive option for people who enjoy the process but don’t have the funds.

There is a huge community of online gamblers in the US right now that is only increasing in size so there won’t be any lack of demand for different ways to game anytime soon, even as more and more states legalise online gambling.