The Odds of Winning Online Slots



Slots are one of the most popular online casino games because it’s a thrilling game of chance. You never know where the reel will lie and whether you may get a large payout. With any casino game, there are different odds of winning. Let’s go over the odds of winning online slots.

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Why are Slots Such a Popular Online Casino Game?

People like fun and easy-to-play games, even when it comes to their casino gaming selections. Slots require you to make your chosen bet and then pull down the reel in the online or in-person game.

Online casinos make slots more enjoyable with possible small wins by if you match at least two of certain symbols when slot reels stop, then you get a payout. This makes people want to keep coming back to play this thrilling game of chance because there are at least higher chances of winning a two-symbol pairing even if they may never win a three-symbol pairing.

What is the Highest Paying Jackpot On Online Slots Games?

Casino gamers vie to hit that 777 on the slots, which is the highest jackpot in the game and denotes good luck. The payout for hitting this special jackpot number is based on your initial bet.

Most slot machines have three to four reels on them with the most common reel amount being three. Each reel contains 20 different symbols such as a number, a cherry, a blank symbol, and a specified jackpot symbol. Reading the instructions of the online slot game will tell you which symbol represents the jackpot.

Every online slot gaming reel has different sets of chances to win because not every one of them has the same number of reels. Let’s go with the example that there is one lemon on every reel which contains 20 symbols each. Hitting a lemon on one reel is a 1/20 chance or a 5% chance. Landing on lemons on all three reels involves multiplying 1/20 x 1/20 x 1/20 to equal 1/60 which translates to a 1.6% chance.

Hence, if 7’s appear only once in each reel that contains 20 symbols, hitting three of them in a row would also be a 1.6% chance. While this is such a low chance to hit the highest jackpot, slot gamers seem to get their hopes up as they match at least two symbols for an okay payout with the hopes of hitting that big 777.

Increasing Your Bets Means a Possible Higher Return

You may want to budget your bets to have more spins. However, doing as close to the highest bet possible can increase your chances of a higher return when playing slots. Higher denomination games yield additional rewards such as more spins and overall chances for gaining a high payout or even the highest 777 jackpot.

Playing a high Return to Player (RTP) game means that you have better chances of winning a jackpot on online slots. For example, the 777 Deluxe online slot game yields a 96% RTP rate. Many of the slot games online have an RTP of as low as 92% to as high as 97%, so choosing a slot game from your favorite online casino with an RTP rate within this range is the best way to enhance winning chances.


Since slots are a game of chance, it’s a very slight chance that you will turn your original bets into a larger return on investment. The payouts all depend on where the reels land. Try your luck today!

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Guest Contributor