Most Popular Casino Games Played Online in 2021



Ever since going online, the casino industry is thriving. Nowadays, there are tons of new operators and the customer base is growing by the minute. As a result, more and more online casino games are being released by plenty of reputable developers versions for those who like to bet and play right from the comfort of their own homes.

This industry is becoming more and more competitive every day, especially as online gambling continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Most online casinos offer an endless number of gambling games and varieties to suit the needs of all audiences.

But how do you know which game is best for you?

In this article, we will describe the best online casino games for 2021 so that you can decide on which of them you want to start betting on!

Video Poker

Poker is the oldest and most popular game of chance in the world. It involves a series of players who keep all or most of their cards hidden by placing bets on an initial amount of blinds.

Whoever has the best poker game or the best combination of cards wins according to a hierarchy from highest to lowest: royal flush, flush, full house, flush, three of a kind, two pair, pair, or high card.

The most popular variations of this famous casino game include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, All American, and more.

The majority of them are part of any land-based casino, but you could easily find them online too.


The most representative symbol of casinos, especially modern casinos, was created by French inventor, mathematician, and physicist Blaise Pascal in the mid-17th century.

The first time his roulette wheel was used in a casino was in Monte Carlo, thanks to the management and related modifications made by the Blanc brothers in 1842.

Two years earlier, in 1840, this invention arrived in America and, although, with some differences, the method of play remained the same: numbers from 1 to 28, with the addition of two new boxes, the zero and the double zero, which was represented by an eagle.

Nowadays, thanks to the invention of the Internet, this exciting game of chance has also arrived in our homes, offering players the opportunity to play and enjoy online roulette, complete with a digital croupier, as if you could magically teleport into the beautiful Monte Carlo Casino.

Online Slots

Known by many as slot machines, they are the most classic and widely used in online casinos.

Their operation is just the same as the traditional slots: once you have decided the value of the bet (usually the minimum allowed is never less than 25 cents), you must click on the start button in order to activate the reels, which – once they begin to turn – stop showing the different symbols in sequence.

There are many safe online slots websites, which gives you access to over 7,780 free online slots that you can play at any time of the day or night.

The main advantage of this kind of website is that they guarantee players maximum security in full compliance with the regulations.

Also, they offer the best online casinos bonuses – such as welcome bonus, deposit bonus, or no deposit bonus – which are all linked to casinos that are licensed to operate in your location.

The bonus offers are absolutely worth it. In fact, to deposit and play “real money slots”, you might as well claim the top online casino bonuses too, which gives you extra chances to play using house money and even win real cash.

Blackjack or 21

Recognized worldwide, this game, also known as 21, is one of the most popular games in  online and land-based casinos, from Asia to America via Australia.

It is a very simple game to understand, which makes it particularly attractive to any gambling enthusiast.

As with roulette, many versions of Blackjack have been created.

However, the most common ones are the American and the European versions. Of course, the former is much more popular than the latter, but both are among the most popular online casino games in the world.

American Blackjack

In American-style blackjack, players are dealt two different cards in each play, one face up and the other face down.

The dealer also holds one, but only one. The idea is that the sum of the player’s cards should exceed that of the dealer, but not exceed the maximum sum.

It is not easy to achieve Blackjack or “the perfect game”, but it is possible to beat the dealer.

To do so, you just need to follow the basic rules and certain basic Blackjack strategies, to know when to stop or when to ask for more cards.

European Blackjack

Although it is the original, it is the least known. The mechanics of European Blackjack are simple, it’s all about scoring 21 points, or getting as close as possible without exceeding the value of the cards.

The two ways of playing are very similar. One of the big differences is that when the cards are dealt, the player is dealt only one card face up, and depending on its value, the second round of betting takes place before the next card is dealt. The advantage, in this case, is for the dealer because with two rounds of betting if he has the highest number, he can win more.

In conclusion, these are the six most popular online casino games of 2021, with which you can have fun and play safely from the comfort of your own home.




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