Online Casinos In Ireland: What To Know



Ireland is home to some of the most passionate people in the world. Simultaneously, the Irish consider online gambling a hugely engaging activity. Therefore, online casinos in Ireland provide a plethora of different services to punters. Examples range from online casino games and sports betting to bingo titles and even the National Lottery.

You’ll find world-renowned casino operators here with a mission to provide countless real money casino games, including progressive slots with life-changing jackpots. There’s plenty to learn about the Irish online gambling industry and the current state of the gambling scene. Join us as we look into everything this country has to offer in terms of casino entertainment.

Online Casinos In Ireland: Getting Started

Experienced casino frequenters will tell you of the countless reasons to consider a particular online casino in Ireland. Online operators generally provide all of the excitement of a brick-and-mortar operator without all of the inconveniences. In other words, you don’t need to leave your home and spend money traveling to popular casino destinations like Monaco or Macau.

Simultaneously, technology has advanced to the point where you can enjoy casino gaming regardless of where you are in Ireland. If you have a stable connection and a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that supports web browsing, you’re all set.

However, before we dig into Irish online casinos more deeply, let’s address a crucial concern for many punters: taxes.

Online Casinos And Taxes In Ireland

You can rest easy knowing that Ireland does not tax gambling proceeds at all. Irish legislation does not impose taxes on sports betting, casino gaming, and lotteries. However, herein lies a vital distinction.

As with all things involving taxes, Irish tax law differentiates between individuals gambling for recreational purposes and those “trading.” Theoretically speaking, this interpretation could potentially affect some forms of sports betting and casino gambling. However, this distinction would affect “professional” gamblers most of all, as these individuals typically generate their primary income through such activities.

Regardless, Ireland does not impose any taxes on gambling proceeds as a general rule.

The Most Popular Bets In Irish Online Casinos

Online casinos in Ireland continue to draw more and more punters worldwide for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is the selection of Irish casino games, which provides sufficient real money betting opportunities. Among the top Irish gambling choices, sports betting is equally, if not more popular than classic casino gaming.

Simultaneously, spending money on casino gaming wagers is a favorite activity among countless Ireland casino frequenters. However, progressive jackpot slot games seem to be the most appealing to players when it comes to attractive choices. The reason stems from the progressive jackpot amounts, which have helped create overnight millionaires in the past.

Additionally, wagering on lottery also seems to be gaining traction besides traditional casino table games. The Irish gambling market has always favored classic gaming titles such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. However, online bingo is also making a significant entrance in the online wagering scene, with people re-discovering its long-lost appeal as of late.

Can I Play Casino Games In Ireland Legally?

If you ask industry experts, they will most likely tell you that the Horses and Greyhounds Act of 2001 finally solved the issue of online gambling legality in Ireland. However, before passing this significant legislative piece, confusion surrounded the Irish online gambling scene.

As of 2001, legislation governing online casinos in Ireland unequivocally states that Irish residents can legally participate in licensed online gambling in Irish and foreign online casinos. If you are a punter from Ireland, there is no need to feel uncertain about the legality of your online gambling ambitions. Unlike other parts of the world (the United States of America, for example), Irish citizens have no issues depositing and withdrawing funds legally to and from online casino operators.

On the one hand, Irish punters will not encounter any legal issues with placing real money wagers on licensed casino sites. On the other hand, however, if an Irish individual resides in another country, they will need to adhere to that country’s laws and gambling legislation.

How Does Gambling Legislation Work For Casinos In Ireland?

Now that you know which rights and obligations Ireland’s residents enjoy in online gambling let’s observe the coin’s other side. Current legislation governing online casinos in Ireland also extends to offshore operators and land-based establishments.

Overall, gambling in Ireland is perfectly legal under two primary conditions. The first condition is that the operator in question obtains a gambling license. The second condition is that the operator only allows individuals over 18 years old to wager. These punters can bet on bingo, poker, casino games, lotteries, sports betting, and other options.

Additionally, the license holder is under a legal obligation to ensure all players are 18 or older. Each license holder must also incorporate a responsible gambling policy to protect people vulnerable to addictive gambling habits.

On the other hand, Ireland does not limit the number of betting sites or online casinos applying for a gambling license. However, there can be no more than 40 brick-and-mortar casinos in the country, and this restriction exists for a reason.

The legislative authorities do not wish to aid in creating a “super casino” in the country.

In Ireland, the OGCI (Office of Gambling Control in Ireland) is the official government authority that oversees the land-based and online gambling industry. Simultaneously, this regulatory body also decides which operators receive gambling licenses and which do not.

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