5 Secret Tips Every Casino Player Needs to Know



The online casino gaming industry is one with many hidden gems, secrets and conspiracy theories, all of which remain hush-hush among those lucky enough to uncover them. But every once in a while, something great happens online, a community stands together to share all that they have discovered. Here are a few of those hidden gems, ones that, according to professional casino players, every player needs to know. These five tips may be the tipping point in a person’s gambling career or may be what sets a player in the right direction. Either way, these casino secrets are beneficial and would be most helpful to those looking for guidance and the advantage.

Signing Up with No-Deposit Bonuses

A no-deposit bonus is one of the rarer offers wrapped up by notorious online casinos and gifted to players. This is typically a bonus that should be seized if ever spotted. The rare unicorn is magical and players are able to play at the casino, not required to make a set deposit and they can cash out when they see fit. Ultimately no-deposit bonuses are granted with no strings attached. If spotted, read the terms and conditions, but make sure to not miss an opportunity to sign up with a no deposit bonus!

The Benefits of No-Wager Bonuses

Online casinos generally require a player to wager bonuses a given amount of times before they are allowed to withdraw any winnings earned from these bonuses. A no wager bonus is a gift freely given by the casino that doesn’t require any wagers to be placed in order to access winnings from the bonus. In essence, this amount can be regarded as free money gifted by the casino and is ideal for players with limited funds. Players who are operating on a limited bankroll benefit the most from no-wager bonuses and these bonus offers are also rare, so if acquired be sure to enjoy the benefits of such a generous offer.

Bet Maximum on Slots

Although this is generally applied to all slots games, players should be sure to check which slots games they are betting maximum on. This is mainly because of progressive slots eating away at players’ bankrolls if the maximum bet is applied to all spins. Low to medium volatility slots range from anything above 94% to 96.5% return to the player while higher volatility slots and progressives begin at 97% and reach a high of 99%. These RTP (return to player) percentages should be taken into consideration before betting maximum. If these game isn’t progressive or isn’t a high volatility slot, players should bet maximum for the opportunity to win the jackpot amount as well as higher payouts.

Free Casino Games Online

Free online casino games are incredibly beneficial to those looking for an opportunity to stand a real chance of winning money. Online casinos often offer free casino games, especially free online slots which can be used by new players to understand how games work, what the rules are and winning strategies all first hand. These free games aren’t difficult to come by and should always be utilized in the event that players are beginning to understand how new online games work.

Join Loyalty Programs!

Many players make the mistake of overlooking promotional offers and loyalty offers from online casinos. This is a big mistake. Players should immediately head over to the rewards program and sign up through this platform in order to assure the future success of discounted deals and exclusive offers. This cashback and rewards systems are purely for the benefit of players and should be treated as gold! Loyalty programs are easy to come by and most quality controlled online casinos offer new members the opportunity to benefit in the best way possible.

By using these simple tips, players can change the way they gamble. These five tips are also most beneficial to players playing online but aren’t limited to online players. Land- based casino enthusiasts have been known to utilize these tips in order to get the most out of their bankroll. Through diligent saving, the use of these tips and an ideal online casino, players gaming experiences are significantly enhanced and winning is made easier!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor