Winning poker players keep records of play

Are you up for a wager? I’ll bet you a green chip that out of 20 random players, I can tell you which ones...

It’s not always cut-and-dried with A-A

Is there more than one way to play pocket aces? The simple answer is yes. But I’m guessing your first thought might’ve been, “No,...

So, what exactly is a bad beat in poker?

Do you want to hear a bad-beat story? It’s not mine and I won’t bore you with the details, but he lost a huge...

You need to be truly analytical at the poker table

I had an 11-hour session recently where I started out stuck and spent the rest of the session trying to claw my way back...

This is a mistake you shouldn’t make

We’ve all seen it. A player takes an extra-long time to make a decision. Just as another player is about to call time, he...

How much are you buying in for?

Buy-ins are an important part of anyone’s game. A player I’ve known for a while saw me sitting at a table, waiting for a...

Consider starting a featured game at your poker room

Does your poker room offer featured games? That’s a poker game you sign up for that has a specific starting time on a specific...

The art of playing troublesome poker hands

What is a troublesome hand? It’s a hand that can get you into a lot of trouble. Here’s an example: K-4 suited. Let’s look at...

The process of analyzing a poker hand

Let’s take a look at a hand I was dealt recently. Normally, I don’t write about individual hands. Why? Out of 10 players, there could...

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