The process of analyzing a poker hand

Let’s take a look at a hand I was dealt recently. Normally, I don’t write about individual hands. Why? Out of 10 players, there could...

Consider starting a featured game at your poker room

Does your poker room offer featured games? That’s a poker game you sign up for that has a specific starting time on a specific...

So, what exactly is a bad beat in poker?

Do you want to hear a bad-beat story? It’s not mine and I won’t bore you with the details, but he lost a huge...

Winning poker players keep records of play

Are you up for a wager? I’ll bet you a green chip that out of 20 random players, I can tell you which ones...

The art of playing troublesome poker hands

What is a troublesome hand? It’s a hand that can get you into a lot of trouble. Here’s an example: K-4 suited. Let’s look at...

It’s not always cut-and-dried with A-A

Is there more than one way to play pocket aces? The simple answer is yes. But I’m guessing your first thought might’ve been, “No,...

How much are you buying in for?

Buy-ins are an important part of anyone’s game. A player I’ve known for a while saw me sitting at a table, waiting for a...

You need to be truly analytical at the poker table

I had an 11-hour session recently where I started out stuck and spent the rest of the session trying to claw my way back...

This is a mistake you shouldn’t make

We’ve all seen it. A player takes an extra-long time to make a decision. Just as another player is about to call time, he...

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