Learning limit poker is key to no-limit

New players, having only seen the riches won at no-limit hold’em on TV, want to play those games online and live immediately. However, players who...

Rock solid or a rock head?

So the debate rages on, do I play solid-aggressive poker or do I play with reckless abandon? I sometimes think the answer lies somewhere...

How to capitalize on poker mistakes, Part II

Players at the table, if poker-savvy, should not and will not be criticizing the play of individuals who are making mistakes or unforced errors....

Be careful when you’re lending cash

Have you been in a situation where your decision would mean losing money, a friendship or both? If you can’t lend someone money, they’ll...

There is more to poker than ‘seeing’ it

Someone from Sweden emailed me to ask some relatively easy questions: Could I teach him about position, appropriate bet-sizing and pot odds? Sounds simple,...

Putting players on hands, Pt. III

Last issue in Part II of my series, I discussed what might occur on the flop and how the aggressor may continue to bet...

Are you your worst poker enemy?

Dr. Alan Schoonmaker’s Your Worst Poker Enemy tackles issues associated with logical thinking as it relates to the psychological effect of playing poker. Schoonmaker...

Never bluff a calling station, Part II

So how do you combat these individuals who are plentiful in large-field tournaments? Do you decrease your starting-hand requirements and play like them? Do you...

Line between hero and zero not so fine

The most exhilarating feeling is when you take down a monster pot, especially when opponents don’t see it coming. You feel like a hero,...

Have you stomped in a mud puddle lately?

Do you remember stomping in mud puddles? Wasn’t that one of the best times of your childhood? Well, life can’t be serious all of...

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