Getting started in live poker play, Part III

Editor’s note: This is the final part of a three-part series. Sometimes, as a beginner, you may have a question or need a little...

Never bluff a calling station, Part II

So how do you combat these individuals who are plentiful in large-field tournaments? Do you decrease your starting-hand requirements and play like them? Do you...

Playing live for the first time, Part II

There are rules and actions that sometimes elude beginners. Here’s a look at some of the more popular ones. STRING BETS: Putting in a calling...

Putting players on hands, Part II

Last issue, I discussed ranging players in early position and talked about reraising in later position to isolate when you may hold an extremely...

Playing poker live for the first time

We here at Ante Up often get readers, who only play for fun online or have just played tournaments in free leagues, asking for...

Rock solid or a rock head?

So the debate rages on, do I play solid-aggressive poker or do I play with reckless abandon? I sometimes think the answer lies somewhere...

Stack sizes matter regarding action

To influence opponents, the size of your stack matters a great deal. How deep you or opponents are should dictate the size of your...

There is more to poker than ‘seeing’ it

Someone from Sweden emailed me to ask some relatively easy questions: Could I teach him about position, appropriate bet-sizing and pot odds? Sounds simple,...

Putting players on poker hands, Part I

When sitting at a table and watching the betting, think about what cards a good player would play under the gun or in early...

There’s an art to playing Big Slick

Many times, you’ll pickup a most commonly sought-after hand, A-K, and you’ll be in position to put in a raise, only to find you...

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