Another doubleshot of poker-hand analysis

DEC. 27 POKERCAST RECAP: Chris and Scott take a look at two hands played by longtime fan and often-submitter Vic Galante. We will return...

More poker accolades and WSOP events

JAN. 3 POKERCAST RECAP: The Global Poker Index announces its players of the year and the WSOP drips out some more schedule news. We...

Poker predictions and other news

JAN. 10 POKERCAST RECAP: We discuss poker predictions for 2020, plus poker goodwill and a Mike Postle update. Also, we learn O'Mally's Move and Matt...

World Series of Poker news and GPI update

JAN. 17 POKERCAST RECAP: We have World Series schedule news and an update to the Global Poker Index Award selection process. Plus, we chat...

Pa. online poker thrives, others trying to join

JAN. 24 POKERCAST RECAP: Online poker in Pennsylvania is doing well and we have some legislation making its way through in New York, Nebraska...

WSOP announces dates for 51st series

DEC. 13 POKERCAST RECAP: The World Series of Poker has announced the dates for its 51st series, another cheating scandal is in the news...

Things to be “thankful” for in poker

DEC. 6 POKERCAST RECAP: We have yet again more poker awards news, plus we explore what poker players should be "thankful" for this year....

Coronavirus affecting poker world

FEB. 7 POKERCAST RECAP: Much of the poker world is reacting to the Coronavirus and we have a Mike Postle update. Also, Malcolm O'Mally...

GPI Awards, WSOP schedule and PokerStars

JAN. 31 POKERCAST RECAP: We have more details on the GPI Awards and WSOP schedule, plus there's news regarding PokerStars and Black Friday. A new...

Negreanu reps a new site

Daniel Negreanu has signed with a new poker site and we discuss a piece that has a few suggestions to make tournaments better. Also,...

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