How Will Esports Play a Part in the Rise of Online Casinos in India?



Now that the internet has become more widespread throughout India with more than 700 million people able to access it, the gambling industry is beginning to thrive. It’s already clear that the shape of the sector is going to look different on the subcontinent to how it does in the west, as brands aim to attract players. For instance, there’s already a great focus on combining sportsbooks and casinos in one site.

Esports are likely to have an effect on the online gambling market in India, and they will be integrated in various ways. Aside from betting markets on esports, there could even be new casino games that involve aspects of them.

Sites Using Esports to Attract Players

India famously loves sport, with cricket being watched by around 90 percent of people in the country. Esports have already started to boom there, which is why online gambling sites are offering aspects that will appeal to fans of them.

Sites often try and set themselves apart from the competition with promotions, but they also need to advertise other features in thriving markets. For example, the Dafabet bonus code India offers players a 160 percent deposit match deal to welcome new players. This is a good draw, but the site also advertises its esports and fantasy cricket options to reach a larger audience.

Esports are Hugely Popular in India

In recent years, esports has grown into a billion dollar industry and now India is set to play a major part in the next stage of its rise. According to Business of Esports, it’s expected that there will be 507 million gamers in India by 2025, many of whom will aspire to be professional esports players. There are already more than 1000 expert players who have won prize money from the country.

Sites that want to succeed in India need to appeal to people’s interests, and it’s clear that there are many people who enjoy competitive gaming now. Attracting esports fans could go way beyond simply offering betting markets on competitions. One of the best ways to get noticed by esports fans is to form sponsorship partnerships with teams and competitions. Insider Intelligence notes how many major businesses like Intel and Red Bull have got involved with esports. In India, it wouldn’t be surprising to see online casino companies attempting to do the same.

Could Esports be Integrated into Casino Games?

The next question for casino sites in India is how they can capitalise on the bustling esports scene even more. As esports and casinos become more closely linked, there’s a chance that some sites could start to integrate elements of competitive gaming into their offerings.

One of the best ways to do this could be through casino tournaments. These are starting to gain attention now, and they offer players a chance to climb leader boards. Esports action could even be used in slots, giving players a skill based challenge to take part in when they activate a side feature.

The early signs suggest that esports could play a crucial part in helping online casinos spread across India. The competitive gaming scene is likely to be one of the top internet industries, and combining it with casinos could be a masterstroke.