Learn From the Pros: When Should You Fold in Poker?



There is no getting around the fact that poker is an in-depth and complicated game. When it comes to playing, no matter how much practice you have, it can be very hard getting a read on your opponents and knowing how to move forward. This article has been put together as it is filled with expert tips on when you should fold.

The Difficulty in Folding

Poker is a frustrating game as it is made up of equal parts luck and skill. As such, even if your hand doesn’t look great, there is always the chance the other person has a worse one. It’s this hope which stops us from folding even when we know we probably should. Optimism is a good thing as is highlighted in this concise article by Entrepreneur but we need to be realistic when playing poker. This is even more so the case now thanks to the rise in popularity of online casinos.

When we play on online casinos, we are playing against a screen and less against an individual. This means that we get more wrapped up in the hope they might have a bad hand, rather than trying to read the player. Given how popular online casinos are at the moment and how accessible they are around the world, there are a number of different people who use them. There are so many options in light of this popularity that consumers will even head over to websites such as Bonus Finder to find their best local websites. For instance, if someone was based in Alberta, they would be able to look at in-depth operator reviews for Alberta and work out which site looks best for them.

Given so many people use these online tools, folding is harder than ever. So, when do the experts say that you should do it?

Your Preflop Hand is Garbage

This might seem like an obvious one but you would be surprised. There are a lot of players who come up with hands that are clearly unprofitable and yet they still get played because for some reason they have some blind faith instilled. Here is an in-depth look at the best preflop hands.  If your cards seem garbage then do the one thing which is appropriate, throw them out.

Priced Out a Draw

Again, this may seem obvious but some players are overly optimistic. This is happening on tables everyday because of the fact that even though people know about the direct odds, they are very much focused on the odds which can be implied instead. As such, they don’t fold and fall victim to hands even after they have been priced out of a draw.

You’re Holding Less and Your Opponent is Unbalanced

If your opponent seems to have an unbalanced range toward value and your hand is quite marginal then it is probably best that you just fold and move on. Keep in mind that your implied odds are generally going to be high compared to these different players.

Know When to Fold

Due to our optimistic nature surrounding poker, it can often be hard folding even though it feels like we should. The above tips have been tried and tested by experts and outline when you may want to consider folding rather than carrying on the game. Be sure to keep them in mind the next time you play in order to have a more realistic approach to your game.