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When talking about poker one imagines a group of people, elegantly dressed, but, above all, very intelligent. Although, in reality, this is not always the case, it is true that it takes a bit of intelligence to win. Rather, a good strategy. They don’t call it a game of skill for nothing. But it doesn’t mean that it is difficult to play. Even successful poker players started from scratch and had the mindset of a high roller, knowing the basic rules of this exciting card/table game found in most casinos around the world. Don’t worry! It is an easy game to learn and play.

One of the secrets of this game is to take it easy and learn slowly but surely. Little by little, you will get to know all the aspects of this popular card game. One afternoon is enough to learn the basic rules and the mechanics of the game, so after reading this article you can put into practice what you have learned. While it will probably take you several years to become an expert, at least you will not be excluded when it is time to play with your friends or when you have the opportunity.


Poker is a game for 2 to 7 players. While in the movies you may have always seen a large group playing poker, this game can be played with up to 2 players. Now that you know it, you only need one person to start playing it. But how to play it? First, you should know that the terms can be a bit complicated to handle; however, with time, you will get used to them.

To start playing poker, each player must post a blind with the only two cards dealt face down (each participant will check them individually after having posted the blind). Then, five cards will be placed on the table in front of everyone. Wait! These will be shown in stages. The stages consist of a series of three cards (“the flop”), later an additional single card (“the turn”), and a final card (“the river”). At each stage, you bet.

But how do you win? This game basically consists of having the highest value hand once all the players show their cards in the showdown, or when one player makes a bet that is not matched by at least one other player. At this point, are you wondering how you can recognize if your hand is better than another? Keep calm! Below, you will see all the different card combinations you can have in poker, in descending order, from the highest ranked to the lowest:

  • Royal Flush: a straight from a ten to an ace and all five cards of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: similar to Royal Flush, yet can start below 10 to include any 5 card sequence in the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: four of the same card, one from every suit.
  • Full house: three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.
  • Flush: five cards all the same suit, not all of the sequential rank.
  • Straight: five cards in ranking order, but not of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind: three cards of the same rank, and two unrelated side cards.
  • Two pairs: two cards of one rank, two cards of another rank, and one card of a third rank.
  • Pair: two cards of identical rank.
  • High card: five cards that cannot be combined. If nobody has a pair or better, then the highest card wins. In poker, the lowest card is deuce (2) and the highest is ace.

Now that you know this, you can play it with confidence. You can also play it online at reliable websites. If you are located in Asia, you will most probably find that gambling is restricted in your area. Fortunately, there are sites that specialize in helping Asian players find trustworthy operators where they can legally and safely play online. These sites are available in different Asian languages, such as Thai, where you can then play โป๊กเกอร์ออนไลน์ which translates to online poker in the English language. Claim the bonuses to improve your chances and make use of this information as well as the guides on this platform.

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Guest Contributor