5 Qualities You Need to Succeed in Poker



Hundreds of thousands of players around the world strive to earn big money by playing poker, but only a few manage to do this. And it’s not about talent or luck. These people simply shift the responsibility from themselves to some invented factors that prevent them from achieving triumph. In fact, poker is long and hard work for oneself. In this article, we will analyze what qualities a poker regular needs to develop in himself in order to achieve high results.


Let’s start with the most important quality inherent in any poker professional – self-control. Being a disciplined player is just as important as knowing all the subtleties of the mathematical component of poker. 

Fortunately, this quality can be developed by making moral and volitional efforts. There are a lot of books and articles on this subject, where all the principles of working on your emotional state while playing poker are detailed.

This also includes the fight against laziness and lack of motivation. In order to properly motivate yourself, you need to set specific goals and develop a clear plan of action. Only by treating poker as your profession can you succeed in it, and it goes without saying that you will have to sacrifice time for rest and entertainment in order to become stronger.

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There is not a person in the world who has managed everything at once. Any success story in poker is a series of ups and downs, and downs for poker players can sometimes be very painful. 

Playing poker is inextricably linked with losses and experiences. Sooner or later in the career of every player comes the so-called stagnation, when you need to show perseverance and patience. Those who did not give up in the most difficult moments, and showed the desire and will to win, will move to a qualitatively different level.


Players who are in their comfort zone are often simply afraid to move to higher limits. Set the highest goals for yourself, and whether you achieve them or not is not so important. The most important thing is to strive to progress and try to be better today than yesterday.

Poker Mindset

Successful poker requires the ability to think logically and make decisions based on many factors. This quality develops over time and a huge amount of time must be devoted to working on it. The ability to conduct a correct detailed analysis of each specific poker hand does not appear a year, or even two after the start of a poker career. For this, you need to play millions of hands and spend thousands of hours on theory. The faster you learn to fairly accurately give your opponent a certain range the faster your growth in limits will go.


It is recommended to be a versatile player and improve your skills not only in Hold’Em but also in other types of poker.  Without a good theoretical base, you will constantly alternate between decisions. Your game will not be stable and profitable at a distance. Everything in poker is developing dynamically. Try to approach the work on the game as collected as possible. Develop for yourself an individual schedule and work principle that will be most effective. 

Each of the five qualities is important in achieving the greatest success in poker, and it is in your power to make progress in each of them. No one will force you to work on improving them, except for yourself. With persistence in working on the game, and not forgetting about self-control, you can develop a poker mindset in yourself, and if you are also full of ambition, then your career as a poker player has every chance of becoming amazing.


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor