4 Slot Strategies To Keep The Fun Alive



In both online and land-based casinos, video slots are among the most popular games. Many like playing slots, but only a small percentage are familiar with how the games actually operate or how to win at them consistently.

Unfortunately, for the most part, slots are a game of chance in which you have little control over the outcome. However, it is possible to increase your winnings by following the advice in this guide.

In this article, we’ll go over slot machine odds, payout percentages, and the volatility and variance of various slot machine kinds.

After reading you’ll have a better idea of what slots to play, how much money you should spend, and how to avoid the worst slot machines.

1. Know your RTP and odds 

Picking a slot machine with the greatest return to player (RTP) is a smart move. That doesn’t imply they have the best chances of winning, since the slot’s unique volatility may be at variance with your short-term goals.

A casino slot with a higher than average RTP will always allow you to win a few more times than slots with a modest 95 percent RTP, increasing your odds. 

Do the highest RTP slots guarantee you’ll win every time? If you’re new to the apparently limitless realm of online slots, this may not be the best place to start. Be aware that a high RTP doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the highest chance of winning. It also depends on the slot volatility.

2. Choose the slots based on volatility

The volatility of a slot can be either high, medium, or low and the difference in volatility can largely impact the amount you can win. 

You may also test the slot’s volatility by playing it in demo mode or simply google the volatility of the slots you’re interested in. 

When it comes to high volatility slots the payouts are rare, but when they do occur, they may be tremendous. The medium volatility slots will appeal to a wide range of gamblers. Big and minor wins are balanced to produce a good middle ground.  There are fewer options for players seeking low volatility slots because at these you can win quite more often, but a smaller amount of cash. 

If you want to have the most fun, we recommend seeking out low volatility slots, however, if you’re more in it for the thrill, high volatility slots may scratch that itch.

3. Join the loyalty program

A casino’s loyalty or rewards program should always be a part of your overall strategy no matter if you’re playing slots or online poker. Be aware that these programs are called differently in different casinos – loyalty club, VIP club, or rewards program are all terms that refer to basically the same thing.

You can’t get freebies if the casino can’t keep track of your play. Most casinos allow you to convert the club points for cash or free spins after you’ve collected a specific amount of points, but only if you meet certain requirements. The more you’re wagering, the more points you’ll collect which amounts to more free spins and more fun!

4. Keep track of your wagers

It’s a sad truth that slots are a game of chance and that there’s ultimately not much you can do to affect your odds. This is why it’s important to always know how much you’re betting. The crucial rule is to never wager more than you’re comfortable losing. 

Having said this, we recommend you use a special e-wallet for your gambling practices to always have a clear overview of your spending. Another great way to know your balance at all times is to use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can find the best casinos that accept bitcoin if you click here. Not only will the deposits and withdrawals be instant, but you’ll also keep all your payment information anonymous through the blockchain which is always a plus.

Now that you’ve read this article, you’re well-equipped to make an educated choice on how to optimize your slots strategy. If you want to have a good time, play low volatility slots, even though your odds of winning large are smaller. Take advantage of the loyalty club and always keep track of your finances. Gambling responsibly is always the best strategy!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor