WPA launches new program as part of larger effort to identify men who support women in poker



The Women’s Poker Association (WPA) is launching a new program and marketing campaign as part of a larger campaign designed to support women who play poker.  

Although men far surpass the number of women who play poker, a great many women love and excel in the game. History has shown us; women were not always welcome at the table.  In fact, it’s not uncommon today for women to experience harassment or unwelcomed comments directed toward them for no other reason than simply being female and doing well.  WPA acknowledges there are significantly MORE men who support women who play. “For years while working the LIPS Tour, I was asked by male players how they can show their support for women in poker. I was asked for patches, or something specifically created for men that they can wear to instantly show their support.” Said Lupe Soto, WPA President.  “And now, WPA has a great solution for men who support women in poker. They can be a Purple Tie Guy!”.

Earlier this year, Alex Outhread was a guest on an educational seminar during WPA Virtual Ladies Poker Week. Shortly after, he reached out to WPA on his thoughts around women in the game and the lack of respect given to them.  He also indicated there needed to be a formalized program or campaign to stop the bad behavior.  How timely he was since the WPA had just completed the #RaiseItUp Awareness movement and the Purple Tie Guy concept was nearing launch.  “We were thrilled by Alex’s enthusiasm and what better way to gain a man’s perspective than to ask a man for his perspective?” said Tara Smith, WPA Vice President. “Including Alex and other men in the industry as PTG Ambassadors only makes sense.  He is clearly an asset to the program and helped coordinate the PTG Council.” 

Why PURPLE in Purple Tie Guy?  Purple is the color of the WPA and a simple identifier with many WPA Programs.  The “Purple Party” for example, is a gathering for WPA Members at various poker venues. And a traditional symbol for a man is a necktie. Put them both together and you have “Purple Tie Guy”.

A man wearing a Purple Tie Guy patch or pin on his jacket or hat is an instant identifier of his support of women in poker.  It not only tells other men you support women, but it helps women know who has her back at the table.  Patches and Pins are available for any man who wishes to be a Purple Tie Guy. Simply register for FREE as a WPA PTG member so you can be invited to events created for our PTG supporters.  Additionally, if you would like to be a PTG Ambassador, please contact WPA at ptg@wpa.poker.  

The goal of the Purple Tie Guy program is to inform the poker playing public that women are welcome in poker. With more women in poker and players embracing the #RaiseItUp movement, we can all grow the game we love to play. Plain and simple.

Social media support for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is available at https://www.wpa.poker/2/purple-tie-guy/

Scott Long

Scott Long