How to Access an Online Casino via VPN



There are a number of online world casinos that offer a multitude of games, as well as great bonuses for players. Unfortunately, there are sites that are not available in some countries, in accordance with the regulations regarding gambling. But we will teach you how to access the games via VPN, without the need for an alternative link or other complications.

Let’s get to the point…

What Is a VPN Connection and How Is It Used?

The abbreviation VPN means Virtual Private Network. It provides alternative access to sites that are blocked in your country. To be more precise, if an online gambling site that offers games of Playson and other top-class game providers (such as Microgaming, Playtech, etc.) listed on the following link, or any other site, is blocked in your country, you can access it through a VPN provider.

This type of service can be found on the Internet for free or for a usually small fee. Note that there are also special plugins for different types of browsers.

What Are the Advantages of VPN Networks

If you want to gamble in the most popular online casinos without legal registration, you definitely need a VPN. Here comes the list of advantages of virtual private networks, which, as you will see in this article, there are many.

Some of the main advantages are:

  • There is no need to use proxies
  • No need to add a Tor browser, i.e. anonymity network
  • You can access sites from different locations
  • Change of location can be done with just one click
  • There are solutions ready for Chrome and Firefox

The above information indicates that access to the site is guaranteed by installing a lightweight browser plugin. The only drawback we can think of is that companies that offer VPNs sometimes charge a fee for their services or a subscription. The rest is ideal for achieving your goals.

Which VPN Services to Use

We cannot say for sure which VPN is the best, but we can suggest a few free ones in order to help you access every online casino from your country. There is another small detail – your country must be on the registration list so that gambling is available to you. Let’s say you have accessed an online casino via VPN, but people of your nationality are not allowed to play. Unfortunately, registration is not possible in this case.

Now that we have clarified this, we go to the list of some of the best free VPN providers:

ZenMate – this provider allows you to use virtual private networks for free, that if you use servers in Germany, the USA, Italy, and Romania. It is true that it would be desirable to see more locations on this list, but others can be unlocked with a subscription. ZenMate possesses a plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Hola – another free provider that does the job. There is a plugin for various search engines and it guarantees you the ability to access sites that are banned in your country.

RusVPN – there is a free and paid option for Firefox. You can download the plugin from Google. With this plugin, you will not have problems accessing blocked sites.

Others – if you use a combination of the words “free VPN for Firefox” or “free VPN for Chrome” in the search bar, you will come across a number of other VPN providers. You just need to understand the basics because some of them will only work temporarily after which they will ask you to pay in order to continue using them.

How to Get Access to International Online Casinos via VPN

Answer: very easy, just select a VPN and add it to your browser. Depending on the country of the site, you can select a location after clicking on the VPN icon. This is usually the country you reside in. You need to change the country and try to access the site again. If it still won’t open, select a different network location.

Nowadays, many bookmakers and online casinos use so-called mirror links or alternative links to access their sites. Unfortunately, finding these links can often be a difficult task. Instead of wasting time, you can access sites via a different IP address from another country. This is much more convenient than buying a proxy.


This time we will not go into technical details but we will definitely say that VPN services are the best solution for accessing online casinos, bookmakers, etc. You will have the entire virtual private network at your disposal, just for yourself.