How to Spice Up Your Online Slots Experience?



Gambling is there to be fun, which is the only reason why we have invented so many games that we can bet on and that include skill and sheer luck.  But, at some point, you will want to spice up your online slots experience in some way.

There are three reasons why you should always strive to increase the value of your time gambling:

  1. Have more fun
  2. Take in losses better
  3. Every win is multiplied

If you are having more fun, everything else will be less important. And you can even play with your friends, either from the same account or separately.

In the modern age when it is questionable how much time we will be able to spend outside at all any more, finding ways to connect socially and brighten up your day is becoming increasingly important.

Find the Right Online Slot to Play

There are a lot of options out there. Because of the particularly high demand in recent years, a lot of new games have emerged, and some of them are truly fascinating.

Even from the list of games with the best RTP (Return to Player), which you can find if you click here, there are some nice looking games like the 1429 Uncharted Seas, which has exceptional hand-drawn graphics.

Other games can look more like the classic slots, and there are even those that take intellectual property from popular franchises in movies, TV shows, and even large computer games. Because of such diversity, you can really find something you will adore.

And, if you are visually enticed, you will have more fun and be more focused on what is going on with the game.

Alone, with Friends or Online

The biggest advantage of online slots and games in general over their brick and mortar counterparts is the flexibility. You can play them alone on the train when getting home from work, or you can play them on your TV with a group of friends and over good food.

This adaptability allows you to spice up your experience in any way you see fit. Even in cases where you can’t physically meet your friends and family, you can play with them online.

And, unlike larger games that you can play online, playing slots is free for the observer, and the whole group can even win money. Because the viewing of the game itself is easy, and you can even share your screen when playing, the benefit of entertainment can be shared with all of your contacts.

#1 Set up a Virtual Hangout

Some video chat services have already figured out that people who can’t meet up in person will try to hang out online. This is why you will see some games that are natively available for users of such platforms.

But, you are not bound to using only such services. By sharing your screen, even when on your phone, you can become a host of a slot show for all of your friends. Or, you can all split your screens and compete who will get a better score.

Unlike regular PC or mobile games that take up a lot of space, slots are played from the browser and don’t require a lot of processing power. That means that everyone can play them and even stream them easily.

Because of this, you can opt to make a regular gambling night even with your friends who are a continent away. Also, there is no limit on how many people can participate, so you can do it with one friend or with ten.

#2 Slots Pizza Party

The same way you order a pizza and play a movie for a small get-together, you can play online slots. This way you can increase participation and make everything more fun.

And, because the slots don’t move until you tell them to, there is no way for remarks, comments, and comedy from your friends to ruin the experience. In more ways than one, those comments and fooling around are the experience in this case.

#3 Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Finally, if you are playing from mobile, transit is not the only place you can play. Heck, clothes are fully optional if you are playing from your own home.

And, with the new mobile phones being waterproof, that opens a whole new option for entertainment. Fill up a bath, pour in some bubbles, and dip in to play.

In a way, you will be providing yourself a spa-casino experience, which usually costs hundreds of dollars a night in casinos in South East Asia.

Bonus: Inside Betting

The advantage of playing something with your friends is that the bets you see online are not the only ones available. You can place inside bets between friends on anything you want.

For instance, you can make a 10 cents bet on the online slot, and place a $10 wager with your friend who can predict the result better. Such behavior might make the whole experience a bit more expensive, but it will make it a whole lot of fun.