Locals against relocation of Salon de Jeux



Salon de Jeux is a small but well-known casino in Quebec City. The casino offers a variety of electronic gambling games, entertainment, and a bar. Locals have been appreciating the hotspot for years.

However, Salon de Jeux has been considering moving to a new venue. This has made the casino a hot topic of discussion for a while now, as the locals don’t want to see the casino go away. A small community organization in Quebec City started a petition against the relocation, and it has collected more than 1,000 signatures.

This announcement came as a shock to many people in the area, especially those who are focusing on how expensive it would cost to relocate ultimately. The move could cost around C$10 million.

Locals don’t want to see it go

The casino has been inquiring about moving to Beauport for a couple of months. When the locals first heard the news of the move in late August, a large number of city locals rushed to put their names on the petition, all in opposition to the relocation.

When late November of 2021 arrives, Salon de Jeux could have an entirely new location with new customers and individuals interested in the popular casino. Salon de Jeux offers gaming and lottery services that are well-known throughout Canada, although some of the competitors include even sports betting on their websites, like Betsafe for example.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has been a victim of lawsuits, attempting to receive damage payouts for players that lose thousands of dollars on these gaming devices.

Many gambling locations, bars and restaurants offer lottery devices for players to try their luck and win a hefty prize. This draws the player in for extended periods of time and brings them closer to continuous gambling habits.

This addiction can also stem from certain cognitive distortions that create false realities within the player’s head.

The salon wants a better community

According to the official site for lotteries in Quebec, Loto-Quebec, the relocation does not necessarily mean there is a full expansion in the works. While it may have been considered at one point, the main force behind the move is for the player’s protection.

Salon de Jeux is owned by Jonathan Trudel. The salon is in the Fleur-de-Lys shopping center in Quebec City. The neighborhood surrounding the shopping center is considered one of the most underprivileged parts of Quebec City.

For almost eight years now, Quebec City locals have been throwing millions of dollars into Salon de Jeux’s lottery and gambling devices. This was brought to light when a study was presented in August, which talked about the effects of lottery expansions in the area.

La Ruche Vanier is responsible for starting the petition to leave Salon de Jeux in its place. The locals believe the salon should stay put. They argue that they have every right to spend their money however they please.

The signatures are proof that the locals don’t feel that their underprivileged community is a good enough reason to drop $10 million on a relocation that is not needed.

The director of La Ruche Vanier publicly stated that the community was offended by the supposed reasoning for relocating and that it was an incorrect assumption on behalf of the Quebec City locals.