High roller specialist Reixach wins $25K event



Spanish high roller specialist Sergi Reixach has won his first Poker Masters event as he took down the $25K No Limit Hold’em Event 8 for $369K after beating George Wolff heads-up in Las Vegas. Sam Soverel, who finished fourth, took over the Poker Masters Championship lead from Chance Kornuth with only two events left to be played.

“Everything went in my favor today. When I bluffed, it worked, when I called they were bluffing. I was very lucky today,” Reixach said after closing things out with pocket aces. Reixach busted every player at the final table on his way to victory.

1. Sergi Reixac, $369,000
2. George Wolff, $246,000
3. Orpen Kisacikoglu, $164,000
4. Sam Soverel, $102,500
5. Andras Nemeth, $82,000
6. Sean Winter, $61,500

On the final hand of the tournament, Reixach found pocket aces and managed to get Wolff to commit his stack after flopping a pair of sixes on a Q-6-7. Wolff picked up a draw on the turn hitting a five, but the river did not bring him any help and the tournament ended with Reixach holding up two aces.

Chris Cosenza

Chris Cosenza