Soverel captures PLO Masters title



Sam Soverel has done it again. The winner of the British Poker Open and reigning High Roller of the Year has taken down Event 7 (PLO) of the Poker Masters in Las Vegas for $340K by defeating Sean Winter heads-up Monday.

“I ran good,” Soverel said. “It was a lot of fun playing against Sean, we have been playing for against each other for about 11 years.”

1. Sam Soverel, $340,000
2. Sean Winter, $221,000
3. George Wolff, $136,000
4. Kahle Burns, $85,000
5. Anthony Zinno, $68,000

The five-handed action started off slowly but exploded when Zinno and Soverel played a big pot. Zinno raised before the flop with A-K-10-7 (three spades), and Soverel defended the big blind with J-10-7-6 (two clubs). The flop brought out 6-8-9 with two spades giving both players the nut straight while Zinno also had the flush draw and Soverel a higher straight draw. After the money went in on the flop, Soverel hit a seven on the turn for a better straight and after a brick river, Zinno was eliminated in fifth place.

Burns was next to bust when he, as the short stack, called a raise from Soverel with Q-J-4-3 (two clubs). The flop brought A-5-10-7 (two diamonds ) and Burns potted which was called by Soverel with Q-10-7-6. The turn brought a four, and Burns’ remaining chips went into the middle eliciting a quick call from Soverel. Another ace hit on the river and Soverel’s pair of 10s was enough to take down this pot.

Wolff, winner of the £10,000 PLO British Poker Open event, busted in third place.

Heads-up action started with Winter holding a 2-to-1 lead but that proved to not be enough. On the final hand, Soverel raised pot from the button with J-9-6-4 and Winter called with A-K-10-8. The flop brought out K-6-6 and both players checked after which Winter bet 260K on the deuce turn. Soverel raised pot to 1.07M and Winter took a sip of his wine before calling all-in with top pair. Winter did not hit on the river and he was knocked out in second place.

Chris Cosenza

Chris Cosenza