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Imagine you’re playing a tournament in one casino and toss in a single, oversized chip and it’s ruled a call. The next week, you’re playing in a different casino and toss that same single, oversized chip in the pot and it’s ruled a raise.

That’s why the work of the Poker Tournament Directors Association is so important. The Poker TDA has created a list of uniform rules used in most casinos these days, so players don’t have to worry about learning a new set of rules every time they visit a poker room.

The Poker TDA gathers every two years to discuss and vote on rule additions, deletions and changes. On June 30-July 1, hundreds of poker room managers and tournament directors from around the world will meet at the Aria in Las Vegas. For a second time, Ante Up Poker Media is a proud sponsor of this incredibly important summit.

Aside from the necessary work the TDA does, here are few other reasons all poker players should support the work the organization does:

The rules are available to all players for free on the organization’s website at or by downloading its app for Android or Apple devices.

The summit is also free to tournament directors of any kind. Even if you operate a free poker league, you can become a member, attend the summit and participate in the discussion.

Some of the best tournament director minds in the world lead it. The organization was created in 2001 by Matt Savage, Jan Fisher, Linda Johnson and David Lamb. Savage, who is Executive Tour Director for the World Poker Tour, has been the public face of the organization and always is quick to answer player questions via Facebook or Twitter.

Fisher, Johnson and Lamb this year are stepping away from day-to-day operations but will continue as honorary board members. Lloyd Fontillas, executive tournament director for the Asian Poker Tour, joins a board that already had global reach.

Please support the TDA and its rules, and we’ll see you at the tables.
— Christopher Cosenza and Scott Long

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