‘DMDave’ wins Blue Shark Blue Buster event on AnteUpPokerRoom.Com



"DMDave" has won the Blue Shark Optics Blue Buster Main Event on AnteUpPokerRoom.Com

DMDave won a pair of Blue Shark Optics’ Blue Buster optics, designed to block out blue light from laptops, and $50 for winning the event. "mrsgrandc" won $50 and "heelyoung" won $25 for finishing second and third.

Preliminary event winners, who all got a Blue Shark Optics Blue Buster discount voucher, were "Lazy cowboy," "lupole1," "Jammin’_Jay" and "golfduffer713."

AnteUpPokerRoom.Com is a subscription-based online poker room available to players in 25 states where sweepstakes laws apply.

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