Play at AnteUpPokerRoom.Com and be on the cover of Ante Up



Ante Up has opened its own online poker room and is planning one heck of a grand opening. For less than $15, one player will play his or her way onto the cover of Ante Up Magazine in our first online Ante Up Poker Tour event.

The poker room at AnteUpPokerRoom.Com is subscription-based, meaning players can play as much as they like for one monthly fee. The site, using a platform developed by Strategic Entertainment Pty Ltd. of Australia, is open to players in the 25 states where it is allowed by law.

“We’re excited to finally be able to offer our Ante Up fans who aren’t able to make it to one of our live Ante Up Poker Tour events a chance to compete from the comfort of their own home,” said Scott Long, co-publisher of Ante Up with Christopher Cosenza. “This is a unique opportunity to get your photo on the cover of a national poker magazine for less than $15.”

The Ante Up Poker Tour series will feature 13 no-limit hold’em events from July 7 through the July 19 main event. All players who finish in the top 10 percent of any event will earn AUPT Player of the Year points and the winner of the main event gets their photo on the cover of the August issue of Ante Up. Cash and other prizes also will be available in all events.

Players who opt for the Platinum $14.95-a-month plan will have access to all tournaments in Levels 1-5, including all AUPT events. Players in the Gold $9.95-a-month plan have access to all tournaments in Levels 1-3 and will have to qualify for AUPT events. Players wishing to try their luck with no cash outlay can opt for a free membership, giving them access to all Level 1 tournaments, from which they can begin to qualify for AUPT events.

“We hope all of our Ante Up fans will give this new platform a chance and let us know what they think,” Long said. “As we move forward, our plan is to leverage our relationships with poker product companies and our casino partners to offer unique prizes and events each month to members of the Ante Up Poker Room.”

Ante Up Magazine

Ante Up Magazine