Spring poker season is heating up in the PNW



Muckleshoot Casino is having its Spring Classic on March 18-22. This year’s series has five tournaments with a total of $55K added: a $300 Omaha/8 tournament and four no-limit hold’em tournaments with $200, $300, $500 and $750 buy-ins.

Muckleshoot is 31 miles southeast of Seattle in Auburn, Wash., and is the largest poker room in the region with 32 tables. It routinely spreads $4-$8 limit and Omaha/8 games and NLHE with $3-$5 blinds (subject to the state-mandated $500 limit per bet, of course). It also gets the occasional $15-$30 Omaha-8 slugfest going.

SOCIAL CLUB: The Final Table Poker Club in Portland is one of the largest of the Oregon social gaming clubs with 15 poker tables. To conform to Oregon regulations, there’s no rake for the cash games or house fees on the tournaments and the dealers are paid from tips. There is a daily $10 fee to join the club. In addition to three or four tournaments per day, it also organizes cash games as 1.5-hour shootouts. Players cash out at the end to perhaps enter another one.

March 14 is its next big tournament, a $300 buy-in with a $100K guarantee.

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