Ante Up discussion ‘group’ created at PokerRadius.Com



The Ante Up Nation now has a dedicated “Groups” discussion forum on PokerRadius.Com, a new poker social networking website.

“One of the things of which we’re most proud here at Ante Up is our interaction with our fans, going all the way back to the first episode of the Ante Up PokerCast in 2005,” said Scott Long, who is publisher of Ante Up Poker Media LLC with Christopher Cosenza. “The ways we communicate with each other change so rapidly these days. We see potential in Poker Radius’ model for our fans to meet other like-minded players, and for other players to become part of the Ante Up Nation.”

To access the Ante Up group on PokerRadius.Com, players must register for a free, basic account, which they can use to create a profile, make connections and participate in all of Poker Radius’ group conversations. A premium plan is offered for players seeking a richer experience, including entries in contests and special offers from Poker Radius partners.

"We are so excited to partner with Ante Up, YOUR Poker Magazine, and host the official Ante Up message forums – the ultimate destination for discussing all things poker!,” said Jason Richeda, CEO and founder of Poker Radius. “Together, our goal is to continue building a strong interactive poker community that enables players to share experiences and contribute to helping improve the game and inspiring generations to come. Partnering with the Ante Up team was the perfect fit and we welcome the Ante Up Nation to the Poker Radius community."

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