Huffington Post names Ante Up Poker Cruises one of the Top Ultimate Guy Getaways



The Huffington Post has chosen Ante Up Poker Cruises as one of its Top 12 "Ultimate Guy Getaways."

Here’s how Huffington Post introduced the feature:

Guys Just Need To Play Hard And Get Dirty
It’s been a long hard winter of shoveling snow and chipping ice and the guys just need to be let out to play. Whether it’s planning a bachelor party, guys’ golf weekend or father and son experience, these 12 guy-centric getaways will be the topic of bragging rights for years to come.

And here’s what Huffington Post had to say about Ante Up Poker Cruises:

Time To Ante Up With Your Poker Skills
Some guys prefer a relaxing vacation with a mental challenge. An Ante Up Poker Cruise may just be the perfect getaway for avid poker players. This company organizes poker cruises on Royal Caribbean and NCL sailings. Participants enjoy all the luxuries that normally come with cruising, but are able to play competitive poker games in a professionally-staffed poker room. Play includes cash games, tournaments, free classes and an open-bar cocktail party.

Whether you’re a guy or a gal, get more information on Ante Up Poker Cruises on our Cruise Webpage.

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