April 19 designated as Poker Day USA



A grass-roots effort led by Blue Shark Optics, the Official Poker Optics of Ante Up Magazine, has designated April 19 as "Poker Day USA."

From the organization’s website:

"There are all sorts of ‘National Days.’ Some ‘official,’ others not. Some recognized by the government some not. And yet, despite numbering over 60 million, poker players are pretty much ignored. Most love the game. Some support their families by playing the game. For the vast majority, poker is entertainment with benefits. A game of skill, strategy, and mathematical probabilities, poker is the All-American game. It is not recognized as such, and it’s players are not given their day in the sun.
So, we have established a National Poker Day. And we will celebrate it on April 19th. Every year. And we will make the effort to spread the word."

Blue Shark Optics is looking for co-sponsors of the event, including poker rooms, an encouraging poker players to spread the word via social networking. An online store has been established, with Blue Shark Optics pledging at least 50% of the net profits will be donated to various charities each December.

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