Pulling the trigger on my poker dream



By Matthew Gregoire

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because my motivation always has been situational. During my brief living arrangement in South Florida I realized this situation wasn’t working for me and it was time to find an alternative living arrangement.

For some time, my girlfriend and I have wanted to travel the world, and with online poker still available to the masses in pretty much every other country, we figured it was time for a change.

I’m writing this on the morning of my departure for Mexico. Hopefully this will begin my ambitious dream of traveling around the world while also profitably playing online poker to fuel my travels. In my previous article, I spoke of rebuilding the bankroll.

My thought process is that Mexico will be the perfect opportunity to remedy the issue. Cheaper cost of living combined with being able to play much cheaper buy-in tourneys and cash games online should help fix things.

More tables to play at once, cheaper rake, bigger tourney fields for smaller buy-ins, and not having to tip will positively affect my income.

We have belief in the power of positive thinking and positive reinforcement of ideas. If you want something to change in life you should dream about it, envision it, write about it and these ideas can come true when you set your mind on personal goals. Sometimes it can be tough to set goals when people are so busy with life between jobs and family, but it’s a necessary part of staying motivated.

Our idea of traveling has slowly morphed into a much bigger ambition. In the coming days to our first move into a foreign country, our minds have wandered toward what it will be like living in different lands in comparison to our own. Can you think of a bigger motivation than trying to find an area of the world you dreamed of and settling down there? Imagine allowing yourself to leave all of the stress and just let life guide you uninhibited.

I’m uncertain of how my voyages around the world will turn out, but there’s one thing I can say with certainty: When things don’t feel like they’re going the way I want, I’m not afraid to take a chance to make changes in my life.

— Matthew Gregoire is a pro poker player living in Miami. You can email him at editor@anteupmagazine.com.

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