Understanding the blinds and antes in poker



You may understand the basics of poker, but are you familiar with the blinds and the antes in an online poker environment?

What are Blinds and Antes?

We are all aware that the pot in a game of poker refers to the money at stake for the players to win. But how is this money put together in the first place, you might ask? Well, it all has to do with forced bets, which are known as blinds and antes.

How Are Blinds and Antes Created?

Those taking part in the game will be aware that there are two blinds, one is the small blind, or SB for short, and the other is the big blind, or BB. Wherever the dealer happens to be sitting, the player who is sitting to the left-hand side of his button will pay the small blind. Whoever is sitting to the left of that player has to pay the big blind. It is not until both of these blinds are posted that the cards are dealt out to those at the table.

Why Are the Blinds Important?

The blinds are very important in a game of poker as they help to start the initial round of betting. If you try playing a few hands at a top-notch poker site like Paddy Power Poker, you’ll soon get the hang of it. All games of poker will have a different limit in regards to the amount of money bet. In general, however, the small blind will be a sum that is half the amount of the big blind.

What is the Difference Between Blinds and Antes?

Antes differ from blinds in that all of the players at the table must take part in them. Antes are similar in that they are forced bets. With antes, however, all of the players need to put the same number of chips forward for the pot and then the cards are dealt. Players will encounter antes mostly in stud and draw poker and sometimes at tournament games.

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