No World Series bling for PNW players



By Philip Dobrikin

While Washington and Oregon players had a good year at the World Series of Poker, no one came home with a bracelet from any of the undercard events. Three players finished runner-up: Scott Clements, who won $292,339 in Event 11, ($2,500 six-max); Lee Markholt, who earned $374,960 in Event 32 ($5K six-max) and Portland’s Douglas Corning, who pocketed $237,374 in Event 35 ($3K PLO). Here is a list of Pacific Northwest players who finished in the top 10 of WSOP undercard events.

Event 3: Darren Rabinowitz, seventh; Event 5: Dustin Leary, ninth; Event 6: Theron Eichenberger, ninth; Event 11: Clements, second; Event 12: Nicolas Halvorson, seventh; Event 15: Rep Porter, fourth; Event 20: Won Goag, eighth; Event 24: Robert Brewer, ninth; Event 27: Yevgeniy Timoshenko, fifth; Event 28: Dan Martin, sixth; Event 29: Craig McKinnon, 10th; Event 31: Gabriel Blumenthal, fifth; Stephen Johnson, 10th; Event 32: Markholt, second; Event 33: Rick Fuller, seventh; Event 35: Corning, second; Clements, fifth; Event 36: Noah Bronstein, ninth; Event 41: Lee Goldman, fifth; Timoshenko, seventh; Event 42: Dana Buck, eighth; Event 49: Noah Sandler, eighth.

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