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Kristy Arnett is a producer, writer and host at PokerNews. She travels the world covering live events, writing articles and filming videos, plus she hosts the PokerNews podcast. Ante Up’s Mike Owens caught up with her recently to discuss her passions, poker and podcasts.

How did you get into poker? Back in Ft. Wayne, Ind., where I attended college, I started playing poker and became obsessed with the game.

What has it been like working with PokerNews? I’ve gotten to travel to so many incredible locations and have also been able to stretch my legs as far as producing videos and providing strategy content.

Who do you think are the best female players in the game right now? I think Vanessa Selbst is the best female poker player in the game right now. I mean, she’s one of the best players in the world regardless of gender. No one rivals her success in tournaments and cash games. Not only does she have the results, but it’s also evident in her ability to talk about the game strategically. I also have a lot of respect for players such as Liv Boeree, Melanie Weisner, Annette Obrestad and Maria Ho.

What does an average day look like for you? An average day varies greatly depending on whether I’m covering a tournament or working from home. Right now, as I’m doing this interview, I’m covering a Latin American Poker Tour event in Chile. So, an average day for me is waking up early to work out (usually I’ll do Insanity in my room since most hotels don’t have fitness centers), grab breakfast with the PokerNews team, head to the venue where the tournament takes place, produce/record four to five videos, head back to the hotel room, and crash. Although, if there is a party or someone wants to go out after play is done, I’m not hard to convince to go.

What is your game of choice? No-limit hold’em. I’ve dabbled in other games and enjoy them, but if there’s a choice, I’ll always pick no-limit hold’em.

Can you tell us about your podcast? I host two podcasts for PokerNews. One is the regular PokerNews Podcast. We talk about what’s been happening in poker throughout the week, followed by an interview. Usually, we’ll talk to a pro or industry person about a timely subject. My other podcast is called, Strategy with Kristy. This is a shorter podcast, usually about 30 minutes, which is one long interview with a pro. We discuss anything and everything concerning poker strategy, such as theory, hand analysis, addressing listener questions and even the mental-strength aspect.

Who is your favorite main event champ? This is a tough question. I think a lot of them are pretty amazing people, but I think the main event champ I know the best is Jonathan Duhamel. Not only does he take time for fans, but he has always been respectful and overly cooperative with the media. I’ve gotten to hang out with him a few times away from the poker tables as well, and he’s really as nice and genuine as he seems.

What was it about poker that originally attracted you to it? I love the competitiveness of it. When I first learned the game, all I wanted to do was be better than my friends and boyfriend at the time. It really became an obsession. I’m a sore loser. Many cards and chips were thrown before I learned not to tilt and to adhere to proper table etiquette.

Who is your favorite tweeter? I can’t pick just one. Daniel Negreanu, Taylor Caby, Dan Fleyshman, Kevin Mathers, GreatestQuotes, Eric Seidel, Joe Stapleton. I could go on. All of these people either make me laugh, inform me of things that interest me or motivate me.

Away from poker, what interests you? I have a passion for writing. I have my own blog (snaptress.com), and eventually, I’d love to be a novel writer. I am also incredibly dedicated to staying healthy. You have one life and one body. How you treat your body, especially what you feed it, affects the quality of your life in the short term and long term. I think most people feel this way but don’t make it a priority. It has to be lifestyle change.

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