Global Poker Index: Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier Back On Top



Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is back at top of the Global Poker Index this week. For a look at the just-released entire list of top 300 tournament poker player, visit the official GPI website. The list is compiled using a formula that takes a player’s results over six half-year periods.

The Top 10 as of December 5, 2011

Rank Player Total Score Change in Rank from Last Week
1 Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,534.45 +1
2 Erik Seidel 2,526.35 -1
3 Jason Mercier 2,415.32 0
4 Eugene Katchalov 2,405.03 0
5 Sam Stein 2,317.85 +1
6 Shawn Buchanan 2,219.40 -1
7 Sam Trickett 2,164.90 0
8 Chris Moorman 2,051.57 +10
9 Fabrice Soulier 2,019.80 0
10 Matt Waxman 2,014.06 0

Having last been No. 1 in August, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier returned to the top of the GPI this week. His total points remained the same, but Erik Seidel’s did not. For as good as Seidel’s run was at the beginning of 2011 (at the moment, his Period 2 results) his second-half of 2010 (at the moment, his Period 3 results) were not all that impressive. Seidel’s score dropped because a 14th-place finish in the $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball event at the 2010 WSOP aged into Period 4, leaving Seidel with only two Period 3 results. As a result, Seidel slipped down to No. 2.

New to the top 10 this week is Chris Moorman. With aging 2011 WSOP and 2010 WSOP scores now counting toward Period 2 and Period 4, Moorman gained enough points to make his debut in the top 10. He replaced Sorel Mizzi, now in the No. 14 spot after his ninth-place finish at the 2010 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic slipped to Period 3.

Welcome to the GPI

Thirteen players are new to this week’s GPI. Entering with the best rank is Fabian Quoss, thanks to his victory in the 2011 Grosvenor U.K. Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event.

New Additions

Player Total GPI Score GPI Rank
Fabian Quoss 1,275.88 157th
David Steicke 1,269.58 160th
Scott Clements 1,233.63 178th
John Monnette 1,098.79 248th
Richard Lyndaker 1,081.51 257th
Greg Dyer 1,075.38 265th
Keven Stammen 1,060.30 278th
Kristijonas Andrulis 1,056.80 279th
Justin Smith 1,049.86 283rd
Brock Parker 1,047.44 287th
Kevin Vandersmissen 1,034.97 292nd
Seth Fischer 1,028.98 294th
Dan Smith 1,020.73 300th

Those who fell from the GPI this week: David Chiu, Farzad Bonyadi, Jonathan Karamalikis, Justin Schwartz, Lars Bonding, Luca Pagano, Matt Affleck, Men Nguyen, Nicolas Levi, Nikolay Evdakov, Robert Mizrachi, Sergey Rybachenko, and Vladimir Shchemelev.

Ups and Downs

The biggest rise of the week belonged to Jean-Philippe Rohr after his 20th-place showing at WPT Marrakech at the end of November. Jonathan Duhamel, who made the final table there and finished seventh, also leaped up the GPI and now sits in the No. 26 spot.

Biggest Gains

Rank Player Total Score Change in Rank From Last Week
26th Jonathan Duhamel 1,795.71 +36
78th Noah Schwartz 1,509.00 +47
108th James Mitchell 1,395.80 +49
113th Nenad Medic 1,378.82 +46
154th Michael Benvenuti 1,279.04 +69
158th Matt Giannetti 1,272.07 +47
173rd Jean-Philippe Rohr 1,237.31 +87
187th Bernard Lee 1,207.13 +63
195th Tom McCormick 1,193.62 +41
198th Matt Matros 1,192.03 +47
210th Josh Arieh 1,169.21 +36

Several of this week’s biggest falls were due to the 2010 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic dropping from Period 2 to Period 3. John Racener (fourth), Andrew Lichtenberger (eighth), Amit Makhija (13th), and Andy Frankenberger (16th) each fell significantly.

Biggest Drops

Rank Player Total Score Change in Rank From Last Week
104th John Racener 1,409.63 -52
114th Thorsten Schafer 1,378.52 -54
130th Andy Frankenberger 1,326.95 -52
179th Amit Makhija 1,228.78 -75
207th Andrew Lichtenberger 1,173.85 -67
212th Will Molson 1,168.76 -75
232nd Yevgeniy Timoshenko 1,132.84 -62
233rd Jonathan Jaffe 1,131.83 -51
290th John Duthie 1,041.37 -66
293rd Tom Dwan 1,034.13 -71

What’s In Store?

In addition to more WSOP scores aging, several new tournament results will come into play. The 2011 WPT Prague recently ended with Andrey Pateychuk claiming victory, and the 2011 EPT Prague and the 2011 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic wrap up this weekend, so there are sure to be big waves across the GPI next week.

To look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you’re at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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