Schecter takes over poker at Snoqualmie Casino



Elliott Schecter, most recently director of poker operations at Downstream Resort in Oklahoma, is settling in as the new poker room manager at Snoqualmie Casino, about 30 minutes from Seattle. The poker room has a nine-table poker room, but is expected to open a 16-table room in a new area with a designated poker cage by March.

“I joined the team at Snoqualmie Casino because they offered me the chance to continue to grow as well as the chance to overcome new challenges,” Schecter said. “Snoqualmie is giving me the opportunity to innovate and be creative. They appealed to my instincts and desires to be different than the rest of my competitors. It was too much to pass up.”

Schecter brought the Heartland Poker Tour and other events to Downstream, and expects that Snoqualmie will hold three or four similar events after the new room is open.

“Snoqualmie Casino is a pretty new player in a very competitive market and is looking to expand as a resort, while promoting poker as part of that expansion,” Schecter said. “To be a part of that is too exciting and thrilling to put into mere words.”

Schecter said changes to cash-game offerings and daily tournaments are in the works, too.

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