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Ante Up has finished major enhancements to that mirror the focus of the magazine: to bring readers poker news from around the country in a regionally specific way.

Users will find a dropdown menu on the right-hand side of each page that allows them to choose a specific state, and the site has been upgraded with direct links to every poker room in the United States with state-by-state maps.

“Much like the United States is a nation of individual states, we perceive Ante Up as a national magazine with detailed news from all states,” said Scott Long, co-publisher of Ante Up with Christopher Cosenza. “Every state has its unique poker qualities, and these enhancements spotlight those and let our users explore all of the great poker our country has to offer in a regional or national way.”

Each state web page (one for each of the states with legal, organized poker) features a news feed, links to columns from that state’s Ante Up Ambassador, tournament listings and Twitter feeds from all poker rooms in the state. Users can choose to make their individual state’s landing page their home page for Ante Up, while still easily moving throughout the rest of the site’s content.

In addition, pages have been created to highlight news from Ante Up headquarters, such as Ante Up Poker Cruise giveaways and events, and the District of Columbia, so users can follow legislation and events on the federal level that affect all of us. As other states embrace legal poker, pages will be activated for them.

“We strive to keep our readers and fans updated with what’s going on in their little corner of the poker world,” Cosenza said. “Plus when they travel they can have the whole country’s poker database at a click of a button.”

Under the Where To Play tab on all pages, users will find an enhanced listing of all poker rooms in the United States. Broken down by state and further by type of room, the listings provide direct links to the poker rooms’ websites as well as a listing of that state’s Ante Up Ambassador and direct link to the state’s news page. A Google Map pinpoints all properties on a map that can be expanded and explored, and rooms in the planning or construction phase are listed as well. The top of the page features an explanation of the types of poker rooms and hyperlinks to the individual state information so users don’t have to scroll to get what they want.

“Web surfers can find lots of websites with lists of poker rooms, but we wanted to make this as functional as any we’ve seen,” Long said. “The maps and links make exploring the various rooms a cinch, and we invite users to let us know of changes so we can keep the site as up-to-date as possible.”

Great features can be found elsewhere on, including complete archives of every issue, a Flash issue viewer, links to the Ante Up PokerCast, online poker room reviews, a poker odds calculator and a forum where users can sound off on all issues concerning poker.

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