Moneymaker endorses Blue Shark Optics



Blue Shark Optics, the official poker optics of Ante Up, has announced that Chris Moneymaker, 2003 World Series of Poker
Main Event champion, has agreed to represent the company and its products.

"For many players, wearing glasses is an essential key to playing better poker and reducing tells. I have been using Blue Shark Optics glasses for almost three years, and I highly recommend them," Moneymaker said.

Blue Shark Optics, the official poker eyewear of the World Series of Poker, plans to market a Chris Moneymaker Signature Edition.

"Chris Moneymaker is perhaps the major influencing force behind the explosion of the popularity of the game of poker, and we are extremely privileged to have his endorsement," said Kerry Karoutsos,
executive director of Blue Shark Optics. "Chris has been using our products for three years now, and is very familiar with their benefits."

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