Tampa Hard Rock dominates mega jackpot



There’s just something about the Seminole Hard Rock poker room in Tampa. The past four times the Mega Bad Beat Jackpot was hit it happened at the Tampa property, most recently on Oct. 3 for $235,871.

It was the 11th time overall the mega was hit in Tampa as longtime regular Richard B. of Tampa won $118,934 when his queen-high straight flush lost to Buck J. of Tampa ($71,361). The remaining four players took home nearly $12K each.

On Sept. 19 Paul Trianosky of Mountain City, Tenn. saw his four kings hand lose to the six-high straight flush of Michael Gisondi of Hawthorne, Fla. Trianosky took home $163,608 while Gisondi won $98,265. The remaining six players each took home almost $11K.

A whopping $2,401,474 of the nearly $4.5 million paid in mega bad beats has come from the Tampa poker room.

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