If you were a poker room manager for a day …



As part of our annual Ante Up Readers Choice Survey, we gave you the opportunity to tell us what you would do if you were the manager of your favorite poker room for a day. To the credit of all of the hard-working men and women who have that job EVERY day, most of you said "nothing," so you must be pretty happy. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few suggestions worth sharing. To read a summary, see our October issue. But here are ALL of the answers!

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If you could take over your favorite poker room for one day, what would you change?


Lower the buy in requirements for PLO relative to the blinds to bring it more in line with NLHE.

I would change the prize structure for high hands during tournements.

A Satellite Seat worth 30 bucks for Quad Kings? Come on now…

Spread greater variety of games.

Tell the dealers to shut the h…. up. They are constant acknowledging players by name indicating that the player is a regular, constantly joking around, telling stories, remarking on some hand that a player at the table played last week or some bad beat they saw at some other casino. Shut up already and run the game.

Have dealers own their banks (or take some other step) to end the need for constant "fills."

customer service

Bring back Omaha hi/low tournaments and then promote them effectively to keep them alive

nothing the guys running it are fantastic.

Promotions and Marketing….

I would have them implement Florida’s new laws.

Bigger buy in tournaments.

I would run a NL Hold’em shootout tournament with a 200.00 buy in.

I would stop dealer and player fraternization at times it seems the dealers know some of the shady people to well

better dealers

Offer more limit poker games

Haven’t been to a poker room in over three years. Home games and online only, bankroll issues.

The carpet!

Open more tables and faster. Open table as soon as players are available. Do not wait for 9 players.

A electronic board that lists games and lists names of those people wanting to play

"I would put new A/C in. Clean up the place, new carpet etc. Nicer uniforms for the dealers and servers. Make everything appear a bit more proffesional.

I would make it less expensive to play, so that low-limit players would have a better chance of actually making a little money.

I would stop taking out money for the bad beat jackpot. This robs the occasional player and favors the player who haunts the place all the time.

I would make sure that the dealers focus on the game and not tell stories or chat continually with the players they know.

I would have firm rules about how to straddle and make sure that all players understood how it works, i.e. who actually gets to act last.

i am always a little cold but if they made the room warmer… i think body odors of some others would even be stronger!

When their is enough players to start $4-8 Omaha Hi/Lo, it starts.

Make it a rule that NO cellphones are allowed at the table; i.e., that they must be turned off.

More limit games

I would make 1/1 and 1/2 games! 5/5 blinds for cash games are to high, and in my town belo horizonte this is pretty much all we have

Add GTD. $ Tournaments to build the fields, DeepStack tournament and obviously and take care of players better.

Upper management

More cash games……different stakes and different games

I would make sure the staff was more attentive to the players needs, and I would set up a smoking poker room as smokers have rights too and non smokers have a definate advantage over smokers because are never affected by the urge to smoke

More game variety.

The clientele

I would spread 8 game!

wow…let’s see…I would push consistent enforcement of the rules. If "nothing but english" or "no cursing" or "chips over the line stay in the pot" or whatever is the rule – then one warning and universal enforcement, period.

I would give comps commensurate with the level of play as in blackjack or craps.

I would try to focus on my clientèle..do they want deepstack tournaments with long levels or turbo crapshoots? Do they want 5-10 PLO or .25-.50 limit holdem’?

Dealers…most are within acceptable standards but I would ask for player performance reviews to cull the herd.


Add mixed games!!! And PLO!!!

Have $2 srtaight limit, and lower stakes stt’s

Would have on-site childcare/kids’ activities for a nominal fee so Mom and Dad could play a few rounds.

Rotate the days in which tournaments are run … I understand why they keep them the same, but the days I tend to play are always on days they have tourneys beyond what I consider harmful to my bankroll.

the temperature

closer to me

9 seats instead of 10 per table.

Better table side service

Lower buy-in tournaments without rebuys or add-ons. Here in Tampa, any tourney that is $40 or less has at least one add-on option. I’s rather have one buy-in, say around $20. I know it probably doesn’t make much business sense, but if I win the smaller buy-in, I might take my winnings over to the cash table.

No rake or time for 24hrs.

Put the High Hands up on a TV screen so you can see what they are.

the dealers ; some rooms are to leannent they should follow the same format

The biggest change I would make would be to lower the temperature. It is always warm in there!!!

more bonuses, i.e. $25 for first 20 full houses of the day.

I would suspend the rake for that day.


I would provide free drinks for poker players.

Longer tournament breaks.

Consistent application of tournament rules.

Only have one tournament playing at a time.

More marketing to tournament potential players.

Change the prize structure to guarantee at least three cash positions in every tournament or even more in high priced buy in events.

Prohibit table side dining in tournaments.

Better promotions and more of them

I’d reduce the rake for cash games and the juice for tournaments.

better food choices

i would make sure that all rules are the same for all floor supervisors, not that one gives a penalty the next one gives a warning for the same infraction.

Lower Rake

Run more mixed games (or anything other than HE).

more special tournaments

payout and prizes

I would change the qualifier to the bad beat and do more promotions.

All I could do would be to move it closer to where i live and expand the hours.

Dealers that will keep the players action moving.

More friendly atmosphere for new playes so the fish don’t get intimidated before they even sit down to play.

waiting list i have seen so many times when there is a waiting list and we would have 2 or more seat open for a long time

I would very much like to have games such as badugi, 8-game, 2-7, and of course some good ole’ 5 card NLHE.

Special section with free food and 50% (see I’m not greedy)

Rakeback for low limit razz players.

Put on more lower limit tables.

more varied games, not just hold’em and omaha

No add-ons or rebuys. Everyone starts with the same amount and when you are out, you are out.

"I would eliminate gimmicky promos such as ""bad-beat"" jackpots that give casinos an excuse to increase the size of the rake (because those payouts aren’t coming out of their pocket).

I would ban hold-’em for the day and those who wanted to play poker would have to play Razz, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, or Draw poker.

I would enforce a ""no poser"" rule, which would prohibit the wearing of sunglasses or any other attire that players wear to try and make it look like they know what they’re doing.

A dress code would also be imposed which would prohibits the wearing of flip-flops (which exposes mutilated toenails), ""ballhugger"" gym shorts, and ""wife-beater"" tee shirts."

Pay better comps off of a a fairly large rake.

Move it or open a new one in my area

Add automatic shufflers, and add more variety of games.

The temp.its always too cold.

No rebuys!!!

Serve much better quality food.

Would offer a guaranteed tournament with strong prize money regardless of how many players show up.

A second, or even third tournament clock.

A step tournament to a big WPT, or WSOP tournament.

Make it hourly rake, same rates as Vegas, for cash games.

A better system for entering cash games. Don’t know if that’s possible, just get frustrated with waiting, especially if there are open seats.

Don’t keep it so cold. Overall though, very satisfied with the poker rooms in Pinellas County.

Everyone should give free water, it cost just a dime at Sam’s club.

More multiple table touments with limited entry

With structed payouts and payouts to occur after the bubble with no negotations of consolating payoffs

improve customer service

Not much, except lower the quantity of low Limit poker tables.

Out with the octogenarians.

Lower the rake

Nothing structurally……we just need more fish in there!


spend less time waiting for seats at tables

higher limits

I would make it a non-smoking environment for all to enjoy!

Post tournamnet rakes, not just total entry amount.

The cash games in Cali are capped at less than 100bb in a lot of cases. I’d open it up to 150bb max if there has to be one.

Cool Rooms

Tournament times

give free drinks to the higher stakes players

Make it no flop – no rake.

some dealers

Hire better dealers that treated everyone equally.

the rake in tourney

Offer a big tournament to get a lot of players with a large payout.

when someone calls a preflop raise with BS then sucks out some huge hand on the river they have to sit out for one hour

Better comps

"1) The temperature!

2) Change the tournament times to be better for me. (Right now, the closest real poker room has tournaments on Saturday mornings and Monday nights — I’d love to see the Saturday one moved later into the afternoon and Monday moved to a different night.)"

Include Bad Beat Jackpot to Tournaments

Fire the pseudomanager and hire someone who knows poker.

Drop card player and force everyone to read Ante Up.

smoking room

The temperature. I’d warm it up just a little.

More turbo’s thru out the day.

being able to smoke

Topless dealers?!

more tournaments with better blind structures



more sit & go games & I win more!!!!

Lower the Rake

For one day I would change the cash game to HORSE and see how the uber aggressive boys fare at the other games.

The fact that the regulars seem to get special attention. Not if I owned it. Everyone should be treated the same

Bad beat rules

I would have the dealers take more control of the players at the table to insure a faster paced game.

Mark off the areas for blind/buy-in levels.

Free drinks. Like when players get drunk.

High hand comes with thirty minute massage.

As I am a Bar league poker player I would like my poker room to hook up with my Bar league and put on some tournaments for us

I would set up a table for smaller blinds so those of us who want to play for real money but don’t have a huge bankroll can also enjoy the cash game.

maybe a bigger room. and bigger (not buy in, more players) tournaments. $350 monthly attracts 40-60 players…I’de like 150-200. make it a better structure and possibly 2 days.

More hot girls.

Make the drinks free

6 out of 20 dealers



Have age 50 and up tables

Reduce the rake % on tournaments and increase starting chips.

Free drinks including bottled water.

All Players would earn points towards free food, tournment buy-ins and merchandise based on time played.

Allow players to rate all staff and use those ratings for the basis of bonuses, raises and seniority. That’s a start….

Better Lighting over every table.

Have a favorable & constant room temperature.


Buy ins and comps

I would like to see the bad beat jackpot be included in the Tournaments too

More give aways for quads now they only give it for jacks or better is just as hard to get quad 9’s and stop charging the $1.00 to get in

Definately happy the way our dealers handle the games and players.

If i could change "something" it would be the chairs…that’s about what i find UNCOMFORTABLE.

nothing — it’s great — maybe a few individuals (?!)

Lower the volumn of the music

All promotions like bad beat, aces cracked, high hand ETC. would run all day long at the same time.

Add better run tournaments


List Management

More tables

to make sure all the rules are consistent and does not favor the locals

anyone that calls a preflop raise with BS and hits some huge hand on the river must sit out for one hour

my fav poker room thus far is foxwoods although I no longer live nor play there. The thing i like about it is the fact the it’s so big and so many games are going. I think there should only be one poker room allowed within like a 50 mile radius of each other. I don’t care for all these little poker rooms at every casino now. Have one poker room so you only have to go to one place to find some action.

The waitress is always ready with a drink, without tipping and its not allowed to tip the dealer plus no rake or bad beat jokepots. Yes i said jokepots.

i really like the idea of basic hold’em playing classes.

no annoying slow players.

"I would include the bad beat jackpot in tournaments or at least a seperate bad beat jackpot for tournaments.

At my room if you get quad Jacks or better you win $50.00,but if under Jacks nothing is it any eaiser to get quad 8’s or 3’s ?

I would like to see quad 2’s to 10’s also get paid it doesn’t cost the room it comes out of the bad beat jackpot

give more incentives to tournament players and be more creative in designing tournaments.

no smoking.

more high hand promotions.

Hold the biggest tournament I could, with plenty of satellites.

I would better enforce the rules on language and appropriate behavior at the tables.

more promotions player apprciation dayS

Add the tournaments to the bad beat or have one for tournaments

"More promotions for the players and Bad Beat for Tournaments, Stop charging a $1.00 to get in (Ante Up Magazine has coupon in ad)

I’d make sure all the waitresses were smoking hot as to distract the other players.

The dealers shirts

More promotions

Allow an add on in the tournaments for the dealers. At my room they pass the tip jar to the players that make the money and ask for donations. I earned that money by sitting through 60 players and 4 to 6 hours of play.

I’d have amateur night. I don’t like newbies at my table.

No reason a player should play all day in a tournament to "lightly" cash and consequently receive ONLY 1-1/2x his buy-in (or less)as winnings . These types of payout structures are totally ridiculous.

the rake

More promotions!!

Increase value of tournaments.

The set-up of the tables to be less cramped and better chairs.

Improve lighting

would be nice if they had a poker player card, for frequent player points, that you can cash in for food or attire, etc..

Not letting anyone play as an alternate (once tables are filled) after a certain SHORT period of time (say, 20 minutes after scheduled start time). If only x amount of people are on time, then there should only be x number of players total.

Better beer selection. LOL Seriously.

Customer Service

more tournaments

The Temperature in the room its freezing..

offer free training Sessions to introduce Customers to games other then Holdem IE OMaha Stud and Mixed Games.

Have some promotion going at all times open to close even if its just entries to a drawing.

buy ins for tournys

better training for dealers

no bad bead jackpots…..

less cash game rakes……

Make it 24hours

You should be allowed to stand up when allin in a MTT.

Comp drinks to anyone who is playing at the cash tables…

do away with posting on the button….

make the 2-2 nlh games 1-2

lower the rake in MTTs.

add more game selection: Razz, 7stud, stud h/l, 2-7 trip draw

"Max buy in of 100 big blinds for some tables, let the short stackers have their own tables."

Faster responses to floor assistance calls

I would have more tournaments each day.

warm clothing for sale

management period.

I would love to give away more money for prizes.

"I would change the their house rule dealing with action out of turn. The room currently does not hold it binding, and it allows regular players to make moves at the pot."

Customer service/cleanliness

room between tables.

letting ANYONE act as though their are TV cameras on them…c’mon players…if you were that good you would be in vegas…quit acting like an idiot…a casino in the midwest is for novices and having fun…if you need to pay your mortgage (or move out of your parents’ basement) GET A JOB!!!

The music!

Have some live music.

The range of games on weekdays..

I would have Player cards like they do in Vegas casinos so frequent customers could get a few benefits.

more waitresses

Spread More Games

I’d make the staff more attentive to demands.

that The valets could come around more and there should be some form of penalty available for all the poker gods who quote odds to me at the low limit tables."

More game selection… more non-hold’em tables!

Offer a reduced rake.

Have a Razz game going!

allow food at the tables

No smoking in the entire facility.

Add daily promotions such as high hand (quads or better) to make play more interesting.

Stop smoking although not all are smoking but my favorite is.

Topless female dealers

dealers will be all female


More frequent drink service…especially for my opponents.

Get rid of the bad dealers

Start tournaments on time

Offer lower buy in tournaments

Offer different tournament games.

Better dealer understanding of what promotions are going on.

Donkey Free Fridays!

enhance more customer service for the players.

We have a bravo system therefore we know their names, use they names and greet them and welcome them to our facility, cater more to them. Even the hardest players soften from a friendly smile.

"I would do what I can to spread games other than just hold ’em. It might take education to get players comfortable with other games.

I would also try to bring variety to the games played on the tournament schedule."

more sit-n-go’s regular and double up style (10 players $100 buy in top 5 get $200 ) that style is really popular at sportsbookpoker.com

The amount of chasing that goes on.

I would change the tournament structure; including field sizes, buy-ins, and payouts

more promotions


no, no limit holdem force people to play other games that are more fun then raise, re-raise, shove. Let see play on multiple streets.

Start out with more chips …..

2 tables would be good

make beverage service faster, stiffer penalties for vulgar players

have standard rules, what I mean is that depending on who is dealing or floor the rules are different like you can have your ipod on the rail or in a cup holder for 2 hours and then the next dealer or floor you can not.

More high hand payouts Now it’s only Jacks or better I feel any quads should get something, it comes out of the Jackpot anyway so it does not cost the house.

The biggest is there Tournament rakes (example) Sunday is a 65.00 with 5.00 dealer add on Only 50 of the 65.00 goes to prize pool that a 20% Rake way too much make it 60.00 buy in and 5.00 add on and

a Bad Beat for tournament players I would not mind paying an extra 1.00 just for a Tournament Bad Beat

the buy in ratio seems too high for example their Sunday buy in is 65 of which only 50 goes to prizes pool I feel it should be 60 ( dealer add on for 5.00 is fine)

I would not mind kicking in a 1.00 for a Bad Beat Jackpot for Tournaments only, right now if you take a bad beat in Tournaments you get nothing. I feel you would have everyone playing the Tournaments to pay a dollar for a chance at a Bad Beat"

Fire the dealers with the attitudes.

Have them be more pleasant!

Add a dealer token to each tourn

In tourn that have 50 or more players i would pay the whole final table ( 9 ) something.

Start the week day tourn at 7 PM not 8.

Use different promo’s at the table like "splash pots".

Give the players at the table free drinks ( non alcoholic ) and charge a reduce rate for alcohol drinks.

have a special "players" meal every night that is different and charge the same rate ( $10 or less ).

Encourage, promote and sell the local players to get in new limit games instead of 3 or 4 limits of " no limit". My poker room does a horrible job of this.

Have more $100. or more buyin tourn on the weekend when more people have access to the room and you can start earlier.

i would start the dealer token program immediately because the dealers at my room hate tournaments because their pay sux during tourn.

think I would offer free soft drinks, Im not talking about beer and liqour but a free soda or coffee would be nice.

No dealers, no rakes…players deal…like a home game. Floor help to make decisions if needed.

No bickering at the table about other peoples hands.

First and foremost, I would change the temperature….Another thing I would change is the attitudes of the dealers.

The waiting

All the management!

Less donkies!

Allow smoking

Move it to Orlando.

variety of tournaments

that management compeinsates the dealers appropriately so that they are happy to deal them. this seems to be why the buy ins are so high on the only kind offered which is hold em.

I would make it so the players do not have to pay for their drinks

better Dealers

More tournaments then the daily tourney

I would have all winning hands shown, no mucking

I would add a player loyalty program.

More & frequent bonuses payout.

high hands

bad beat jackpots

no donkey

Lower tournament buy ins ($25 or $35).

No charity chip buy suprises after you have purchased your seat.

better food

You probably don’t want to hear this but kick out all the loudmouths who feel they have to do a running commentary the whole time they are playing.

I would change the felt on the tables. Every single one. When all that smoke in the casino settles into the felt it gets dirty as f***. Nothing like touching filthy money, filthy chips and making a temporary home around a grimy, sticky, nicotine-infused poker table for eight hours a day. Sometimes it’s so bad you wish a guy who didn’t bathe daily was sitting right next to you in order to get your mind off of the disgusting area you’re sitting in. Actually, I take that back. You never want "smelly guy" anywhere near your table. I hate "smelly guy". And I hate old poker table felt.

Make out-of-turn decisions binding

turn up the temperature in the room. its too cold!

offer ""aces cracked"" promotion

offer comps"

refreshments would be free

change hrs

pay the dealers more

Better more friendly staff.

Floor managers are slow and unresponsive.

Have Sit-N-Go’s around the clock and Multi-table tourneys twice a day

Put in an attic fan to eliminate the smoke in the air!!!

I would comp all players who played 4 hours or more with meals!

more tournaments, lower limits (cash and tourneys), better tourney structures

I would not treat the limit players like second class citizens, and put them in the back room where it’s hot, the equipment does not work and the service is poor.

I would have Ante Up mag’s in the poker room.

wider range of games and buy ins

Better wait staff, more attractive wait staff

Anyone wearing tracksuits or sweat pants should be barred from entry.

Create a table for NL Omaha

Have a ""discount"" poker day/hour/s where no CC (casino commissions) are payable by players.

Any player who sits out longer than 3 dealer button passes is automatiaclly removed from the game and can collect their chips from the cashier"

Cut the rake !

More variety of cash games!

Me losing!

Continuous buffet & topless waitresses. Oh and no extra charge for Red Bulls.

add in 2-7 triple draw

I would have larger size free drinks so they may last untill service returns.

Offer auto sign up by swiping players card….

Pay the dealers a decent wage and stop the dealer tipping peer pressure. They can take a lot of table stakes away.

If you constantly wine about a hand, you’re fined, (be put on the rail)

Add more tables, more dealers so all games can be accessed easily and played.

Ban hold’em

Max money at table, hate when the only seat at a poker room has some guy with so much money he is able to completely bully oppenents.

Have the dealers be quiet and not try to be the star of the table

The food menu

not to make such a big deal about texting on cell phone

More accessable to casual players

Better blind structure of tournament.

I would defently turn the air off of freeze though. I also hate seeing a bunch of unused tables for lack of dealers too.

My dream poker room has attentive floor person who walk you to your seat,ensure some one is getting your chips, and actually smiles! The room provides a comfortable waiting area with beverage service. The host would say "hello" when you enter the room and "thanks for playing when you leave", The dealers comments would not include information beyond what is proper and necessary. No "player folds-perfect bet size" as the pot is shoved to the winner, "only $40 more to call", or similar. A must move table would be added to ensure full games for the established tables. Rules would be enforced equally and fairly. The room would serve Coke products and play classic rock!

make the room cooler

Inprove customer service.

Lower rake if it is financially viable.

New promotions, advertise to new customer base.

Make casual players feel comfortable.

More limit tables

Dealers is not well train in counting money, too slow of dealing, dealer muck card and still a playing card, specially if you are playing with a big tournament and you pay big money for it…It happen with me and i raise and i got my card in front of me… And i don’t notice that my card is not in front of me.

"Courtesy level of the staff. I would like a more friendly staff & room.

most if not all make you feel like a cow in line for the slaughter.

Make us feel welcome, cause there are plenty of other rooms we could go to, but we choose yours."

I would encourage people to start earlier in the evening. Usually the cash games start at 10-11 in the evening.

I would offer free beer/meal to people who show up to play before 9 oclock.

buy ins, make them affordable. too many high stack games.

All cell phones left in your car

more info on what’s going on.

more readily available info on what’s in progress, what different drops are for, what’s about to start, what the buy ins are, …

The hours it’s open.

In my local poker room, I would clean the chips! One of my biggest pet peeves is when you try to make a bet and chips stick together. I especially hate it when the dealer or some rule monger tries make a player keeps the extra chips in the pot when clearly the chips stuck together when making a bet or raise.

No smoking

Many things but I would start with the chairs…poker rooms would get people to stay longer if they had comfortable chairs.

"I would try to do more for the newbie. I’ve had a couple of experiences where trying to figure out what was going on was met with bad attitude and poor infomation.

Oh yeah, and I’d keep the website up-to-date. I hate showing up for the 12:00 $100 and it was really a 1:00 $200."

Considerably less raking, and tons more prizes. No one needs to walk out a loser every day! =]

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