How can we improve Ante Up?



As part of our annual Ante Up Readers Choice Survey, we gave you the opportunity to tell us what you like or dislike about Ante Up’s products, and what else we could be doing. To read a summary, see our October issue. But here are ALL of the answers!

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What can we do to improve Ante Up Magazine?

Fire the owners

Get that damn E-Store up and running 🙂 haha

More strategy columns from professional players.

More poker room exposure… besides the stack of magazines at the cashier… more public appearances from the AU Staff!

You can’t improve on perfection.

Double the salaries of staff writers.

More health columns from that gifted and talented writer, Dr. Frank. Get him on the show more often and start paying him a big salary. He’s really the only reason I read the magazine at all. Truly, if it weren’t for me – opps, I mean him, you guys would have to give your magazine away to get readers. Wait a minute, you give your magazine away already – never mind.

This is going to sound silly, but I don’t like it that you obscure the magazine name with the head of the person on the cover.

you guys are great keep up the good work

I like it the way it is

I do not know. Perhaps have information on every Florida poker room.

Better proofreading. Too many typos. I volunteer to help.

earlyer realise

enjoy the road trips

I really don’t enjoy reading the mag online, so in the last couple of years I only seen a few issues. If I had the money I would subscribe.

Guys, I subscribed for the first year but did not renew because it was Florida centric and I just don’t get to Florida that often, so it was not that relevant to me.

"You are doing a great job.

I always enjoy being in your company"

More hand analysis and discussion of the game(s).

Since I am not from Florida, I would of course rather have more poker news generally than Florida news, but I’m not complaining. I hope the magazine is a great success and I have followed you guys since Episode 1.

make one for southern California :o)

Nothing. Absolutely nothing! You guys are incredibly talented and gifted and have created the best poker magazine I’ve ever read.

More global coverage

Let foreigners subscribe! LOL!

I am from Tennessee, so articles related to poker rooms in MS, NC, IN would be nice since those are the room closest to me. Maybe have a spotlight on a longtime Ante Up listener every month with background on how they started playing, etc. Visit a member’s home game and do the interview there.

More exposure for local players

"I would like to see write ups on some of the smaller Poker Rooms, that are not part of big casinos such as Ft. Pierce Jai Lai or West Palm Beach Kennel Club ect.

Also there are allot of regular smaller games such as at The American Legion put on by a local MC club to help raise $$ for Veterans benefits, ect."

Make it available throughout the country.

More coverage of local bar leagues

im in australia so we dont get it

Maybe more ties to the podcast…hands of the week, one-minute mystery…maybe a serial-type "building block" series of strategy articles.

I hate to say this, but I think the additional regional coverage is extraneous…maybe regional issues at rooms and by subscription.

Great magazine – would love even more strategy.

Continue to grow into markets outside of the south and east coast (ie Midwest).

be able to buy at starts with vpps

More tournament coverage and sponsorship.

Get rid of those Scott and Chris guys.

sponsor some local poker players..

It’s ok

doing great

More articles from national pros.

I’ll think about it and tell you on the cruise.

More interviews with top pros.

More articles on online poker.

You’re doing a good job – just keep us informed with all that’s going on in Florida

You already are – broadening the scope

Not much – I think it’s great as is.

"i play in all the rooms in mid to south florida–i would like to see someone in each area report on activities in each room or area.

i know it’s hard for you guys to cover them all–maybe more reporting on each room."

Cover more states

I would like to see it distributed to th NYstate area

it great now

More poker strategy articles.

Just continue to stay on the cutting edge of the poker world. (the more info the better for a poker player)

Make the print version available outside the US.

more strategy columns

You should have a closer connection with casinos. Maybe have some kind of to-do at some of the smaller venues such as Tunica to get Ante-Up more recognized. Maybe sponsor with some of the free poker companies in areas where there is no legal gambling. (FreeSpadesPoker is one in Georgia) I am from Georgia and visit Tunica and was unaware of Ante-Up until I picked one up in the Poker Room. Lots of good stuff there and should be in more competition with the other mags.

I love your magazine and appreciate the the columnists’ articles.

Everything is great with the magazine and I appreciate the advice.

Snazz up and promote the forum more. I miss the old forum.

A list of every poker rooms major tournaments, not their daily ones. By Major at least a $10, 000.00 for 1st. Forgot to list this this in the gripes about poker rooms area. I hate tournaments where they guarantee a prize for 1st, and it becomes practically a freezeout.

More articles about improving play, I really like Lee Child’s articles, and Marc Dunbar’s. Also Scott’s, and Chris’s are very entertaining, while informing. I like Cardplayers where they discuss a specific hand in a specific tournament, and have the player walk us through it. Overall I enjoy ante up, and usually read it cover to cover (sometimes even the ad’s)

make it bigger so that having a subscription is more in line price wise

"I’m not a regular reader, so please forgive me if these ideas already have been tried or already exist.

1. One-page spotlight on a poker room outside of Florida

2. Make available in PDF format"
Maybe a couple of blogs from some locals that hit the card rooms on a regular basis.


more coverage of free to play leagues

Don’t expand too much too quick.

More Central Fl. Partcipans

Make international subscriptions available

Get up to the Michigan poker rooms! =)

looks good to me

More pics of Lee Childs

Expand it to Illinois! 🙂

Love it. Good coverage of Florida poker rooms (don’t really care about the rest of the southeast). Also like the articles about what’s happening in the legislature about Florida gaming.


I like it the way it is. Good stuff

additional features on groups in florida

Interview some Hot Players

It looks fine to me.

It’s awesome

As a new players I do not play too often at poker rooms yet, I play in Big Slick Tournaments I would like to see articles about my league I play in

More reader response

you guys do a great job keeping up with everything!

Add more strategy columns and articles.

Nutz Poker League

Put more of Treasurechestpoker pictures in

Continue to provide local information on rooms and tournaments

include a monthly updated calendar, similar to PokerPlayer, of the regional tournaments available in the southeast.


Just started with the magazine so hard to say…

It’s great!

i love it!

make it cheaper

More interviews of tournament winners and cashers from FL

Just started playing

you are doing a great job!! keep up the good work , i really enjoy reading your magazine!!!

More advice articles.

more storys that are about the game instead of the players

Put my face on the cover

love the podcast. it is by far the best ever.

Report larger local tournament results.

Seems fine

more instruction

I think you’re doing great as is.

"I started in bar league still play and it got me to play cash (I do well) would like to see more articles concerning bar league players that get into cash and I hate how people say oh it free that why they play that way BS I have been in cash game that the players play worst then Free Poker players"

Nothing immediate comes to mind. Maybe a few more strategy articles.

None it’s a good source of information about poker in Florida

Great product already. I just hope you guys can look up ten years from now and see 10 years worth of publications (ie, here’s hoping for some "staying" power).

Good mag!

More featured stories about local poker leagues and poker news from around the country.

I enjoy the magazine as it is.

more local tour.

change the hosts of the pokercast lol

i don’t know because I don’t read it….

Have more of the great content and articles.
like the mag but can we get more coverage of the NE poker rooms.

its awesome

hire me as a graphic designer

It would be great without all the ads.

focus on dealers too and their lives..we’re real people too.

"Make a special price to local poker leagues. Perhaps pay them for their sells of this magazine..try in Atlanta"

More giveaways.

more input from dealers and roomm floor staff

have a dealer’s corner….

branch out into indiana, illinois, missouri

I think it’s a good rag

Better Articles

More strategy articles…less simple tournament results.

I like it the way it is.

Dont read the mag often as I hate reading lots of print online. so I cant answer

Have a statewide survey of rakes charged at casinos to compare each ones.

"not much. I am a long-time regular listener. Thanks for making my daily commute into NYC a bit more bearable.

Maybe do a bit more research on the topics you are discussing. I’m a regular browser of the 2+2 threads (NVG and Internet Poker forums mostly) and sometimes I feel like I’m more knowledgeable than you guys.

More Lee Childs (or someone similar) to do hand of the week.

For 1 minute mystery, I hate the off-week when there is no resolution. Perhaps do a resolution of last week + new mystery each week?

But I’m quibbling with all of that stuff. Keep up the great work!!!"

Like it now.

Keep on expanding.

"The layout is pretty cool, but online it is very hard to read. Online viewing is better when the text is in a column. When it wraps around pictures or graphics it is hard to follow.

Bring the print edition to the St. Louis card rooms!"

More articles less ad’s

do not know never read it. Get wider distribution.

More detail on small local venues

I get a copy every month from my Bar League Big Slick Tour, as I learned from playing with Final Table (defunked) and Big Slick I would like to see an article about them. Big Slick is celebrating its 5th year this week (impressive) how about an article ?

I noticed you took my advise and asked for bad beat stories. Put some dazzle in that by publishing the best " bad beat " story each month and give them a logoed shirt or something. Put maps on your web-site to every pokerroom in Fla with addresses so we know where they are and how to get to them.

You’re doing a good job. Perhaps more on poker tips would be nice.

Center fold 🙂

Have more California casino information? Otherwise it’s already pretty good.

how about job classifed section?

more detail in tournaments(prize structure, places, etc.), more players’ columns, poker advice

more poker tips

Sorry, I don’t know. The magazine looks great, very professional and fun to read. Great job, just like to podcast I always listen to.

More writers

get international distribution!

Doing a great job! Would like to see an article dedicated every month to a specific card room with pics, results for some of the tourneys, and some general info. Maybe even ratings on everything from food to tables to bathrooms facilities. Maybe a place that stands out will get someone from their same casino to start venturing all over to other cardrooms.

More Australian content (Asia Pacific Poker Events)

More articles that the casual player can learn from, or relate to. Identify a casual player who is a succesful player with profitable resutls. Then profile them in a article, showing their results over a determined period of time.

Remove the focus on Florida poker to make room for stuff those of us outside the state can relate to.

i actually thinks its pretty great to see Florida getting some press 🙂

If not broke don’t fix it….

Incllude more local happenings/events in the area.

have more commentary from locals with room for rebuttal

love it… local, finger on poker pulse

More strategy articles.

I dig it the way it is. I love all the good interveiws.

Make the show twice a week

less ads

"Ship it to Europe, particularly to Iceland 🙂

I would be willing to distribute the magazines in the local casinos ;)"

larger font, when you results in tournaments

more instruction

Why does Scott sounds like he’s in a studio and Chris sounds like he’s calling in from a cell phone?

I would recommend not playing the feature interview on the podcast and then publish it in the magazine. Once I hear it on the podcast, I don’t read it in the magazine and then find myself skimming the rest. I would read spend more time reading the articles if I didn’t already know the outcome.

I live too far away and have never actually seen the magazine.

What can we do to improve Ante Up’s other products?

Give them away for free

"For the PokerCast, maybe try to get in the studio more rather than just Skype; the sound quality is better. Have Fasso back on the show if possible. Also, I appreciate the joking around and banter, but sometimes the laughing sounds a little forced, no offense. For the social networking it seems like you guys haven’t fully bought into it (Chris hasn’t tweeted in a year, and Scott is following 1 person). I think if you get creative it can become an extension of the show. Tweet when you’re playing online (not ALL the time obv), or use it to tease an upcoming topic, or solicit feedback, or keep up with pro players… Hope this doesn’t sound too negative, I really do think you guys are doing a GREAT job, but you asked and maybe some of this can help."

More updates on the website.

Take your articles in your magazine and post them as columns online. Perhaps month delay or perhaps best of.

Most web content.

Can you say AnteUp Wear?

More shirts and more shirt designs. There’s nothing better than having people pay to wear your logo.

Guests should be on land lines or in the studio to improve podcast sound quality.

just keep doing what your doing

"Cruises I have no interest in or money for, your tournament series I would love to play in but I rarely have the time to play in those.

The only social network I use is twitter, and didn’t know you had twitter accounts."

You clearly put your heart and souls into the podcast and it is most appreciated.

Can’t think of anything at the moment.

"You’re still the #1 poker podcast, so just keep doing that the way you do it.

For some reason I can never get in sync with AIPS and the schedule. I’ve played only once or twice. It would be great to have a Full Tilt or Stars room dedicated just to Ante Up Nation, where we could play for low stakes and have ring games and other competitions.

What about articles submitted by readers and listeners? Maybe a small prize for writing a really good article on ""How to…"" or some sort of point and counterpoint."

nothing.. the podcasts are very entertaining.. i have been listening since day 1.. and they have gotten so much better over time. i enjoy the side stories the most!

Get the shopping-site up and running. I need a mug and a new tshirt.

Online aips standings

Its all great!

I love the podcasts and have been a listener since day one.

Economy versions of products for those that still are not making big bucks

Better swag!

Maybe make some Aips tournaments to suit your southern hemisphere listeners,which i think theres quite alot.

Drawing a blank, here…

Hate to say it, but more Fasso!! 🙂

online torny to win cruise

Fine as they are

classer long sleaves shrits not too much writting lay back type

Offer cruises from other ports.

Try to have designated photographer at all AIPS event. Add Daytona Kennel Club to your tourney schedule.

haven’t used/purchased any

i like them all

Podcasts are great

Pokercast has started to drag a bit.

Change the days of the Aips tourneys

More pod casts, I LOVE them…

more Fasso!

More advertising. More giveaways would be nice. A push for legal gambling in states with no casinos such as Georgia.

Regarding the podcast, I wish Scott and Chris would analyze Culumbo’s (sic) hands after that feature and I wish we could hear what happened with that hand right after the analysis rather than waiting a week to hear about it.

More Lee Childs

Sand those chips down even more.

Haven’t really taken advantage of them, I’ll have to check them out a little better in the future.

Extend the podcast

Get back in the good graces of the St. Pete Times. I miss that relationship!

LOVE the podcast! Have listened for years now – wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Improve the consistency of the AIPS freerols

i tryed to play in your online tourny and could never find how to register that was laast year

Autographed Lee Childs stuff

Can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

offer specials on the items.

I love the podcast and would like to see it expanded to a two hour format.

Doing a great job.

Nutz Poker League

Good as they are!


I love ’em all already!

its good

i love them all!

advertise more, since I did not know about a lot of them.

Not familiar with other products.

Don’t use other products.

lower the cost a little bit

Let us know what’s new, and remind us from time to time what you have to offer.

Come to Ohio!

I’m sure they are top notch. I don’t listen to the podcast due to time issues. I listen to all the ones at poker road, 2+2 and deuces cracked. That plus work, playing and reading the 5 magazine subscriptions add up.

Offer more variety.

Im not very familiar with your other products, for me to comment fairly on this topic.

list more tour.

I guess everything is capable of improving but since I don’t read it

Continue to make it user friendly.

More online sats into poker room MTTs. like one on stars for $1500 bi in aug.

get your magazine in Colorado

give aways such as tanks and tees

Better tournament series/

"dont change a thing on the podcast…i can’t even listen to pokerroad…the commentary and dynamics of the hosts are HORRIBLE!!!

if i were half the poker guys you are i’d be twice the man i am!!!"

Give away some cruises!

Honestly, I don’t pay attention.

Make AIPS more euro friendly, I know you try and I guess it is probably practically impossible with timezones etc. Perhaps a short series? 6 weeks or something in between AIPS proper?

Please please please please please get Pokerstars to come up with some new commercials for the podcast…. it’s killing me!

Not much! 🙂

I’d love to do the cruise, but I would need to bring the wife and 6-year old daughter with me. So helping me convince them that this would be fun for them would help!! Also, I looked at the cruise stuff online and your pricing was significantly higher than direct booking with the cruise line. What’s up with that?

Allow the pokercast to flow naturally and do not try to set time limits on it.

Promotional Items for free to players as prizes?

Love the pokercast! Not sure of other stuff.

Continue the poker tour, get daytona kennel club more involved in the tour.

I really enjoy the podcast. Scott is strongest in limit and Chris is strong in no limit. It is good when there is someone else to help on hand of the week. This is an alternate view for the hand. Otherwise we just get a single view of how the hand should have been played.

Have more variety i know it is not specific but run with it like a flush draw.

These are good, just buy them from us. we do alot of logoed items for poker rooms around the south and in MN.

Offer more variety of products.

we are in a depression .. cut the profits a little

Not familiar anough with them to know.

Advertise more. I hardly ever see or hear about Ante Up merch anywhere.

yet again more poker tips

See if J Design will make a deck with your profile Ante Up logo on it. That would be pretty cool. Everyone will then be playing cards with Chris and Scott.

Create a spreadsheet/listing of all tournaments for a defined area of the state, ie "Central Florida". Have a knowledgeable player rate those tournaments and compare payouts, rakes, and average player ability.

Not much, I hope to be on one of the cruise ships in the future.

make sure poker stars quits messing up aips

All is good.

show more of ante up tourny schedule, when season starts, etc

Regular 2 hour show. Longer guest interviews.

Not really sure, I only read the mag and check up sometimes on facebook.

"More home improvement segments. Maybe chip polishing? Or how to make a chip necklace?

On a more serious note: Maybe more interviews. You do a good job with them. Even interviewing some of the bloggers like Short-Stack Shamus would be good."

Ante Up promotions w/ local poker rooms

"Love the podcast, I subscribe to 7 others and Ante Ups is by far the best. Not sure how to improve that…

The forum is rather difficult to navigate and very generic. I find myself on Deuces Cracked or Two plus Two more often."
You guys rock, I’ve played AIPS, and listened to the pokercast for years. You are constantly improving.

What other products would you like to see Ante Up offer?

Free buy-ins to main events around the world

You pretty much have it all covered. Have you thought about your own rakeback site?

AU Logo Contact lenses

You might consider asking a poker room advertiser to offer a clip-out coupon. Would add value to the magazine and for the advertiser.

articles about the pros

Online training videos what the heck with all the other sites you can offer free training videos until you build up a market for them.

Hand of the week could be an online video and such forth.

Expand coverage to Atlantic City.

Can’t think of anything at the moment.

I think there are some products that still aren’t being sold anywhere: unique card covers larger than a half dollar; top quality poker visors or caps that are cool (temperature wise) as well as distinctive; and someone should design a man-purse for poker!

A compendium of Columbo’s cases (I’ve already exchanged emails with him on this one).

not sure if you have this already.. but a review space.. people can put up poker related items and then people can add their opinions – like amazon does

Teddy bears wearing the AnteUp logo tshirt.

Events in atlantic city

Personalized Items

More indie poker books.

online tournament buy ins

I’m happy with the podcast 😀

I think you provide a great pass-through to many products…don’t see much need for improvement here, either.

West coast meet-ups

More news about charity tournaments in the Tampa Bay area.

more pod cast or cow bell

Boot camps and other educational services

Free Buy ins to a TOURNEY

Tournament Circuit!

Host more charity tournaments.

poker books at a reasonable price

Ante Up florida state poker championship tournament

more give aways

A couple more cruises a year.

More trips or live tournaments in Tampa

Poker schools or maybe named Professionals on tour giving seminars across the country where poker may one day become legal

Maybe chip sets for home games

"Official Ante-Up Pre-Sanded chips.

Official Ante-Up Pre-Drank PBR’s"

More quality clothing and wearing apparell.

Freerolls online

An all-strategy podcast, perhaps not weekly but every other week instead. Sort of like an Ante Up version of Bart Hanson’s show but geared more to live play than the online play that his show has taken a turn towards.


Anything to do with Lee Childs

Can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

dont really care

Some more Jacksonville Events.

Contests or sponsored tournaments

I really like poker history so a poker trivia question each week would be fun.

on-lilne classes

How about offering a Ante up / Big Slick Tour Tournament ?

More Tourneys

Nutz Poker League

AnteUp organized tournaments with great structures and guarantees.

Get some sponsorships and bring in the players!


Local Tournaments

Merchandise to wear

cool dealer buttons!

"Create a poker portal site that allows players to search and view all poker locations, manager, games, limits, map, web site, promotions, and current bad beat. Can search on all different types of criteria.

Let poker players sign up and track their bankroll. Set up alerts for poker locations, tournaments, or promotions they are interested in.

Poker rooms get to reach out to players via the internet (incentive to keep their info up to date) and players get email alerts when new tourneys, promotions, or bad beats are at certain levels. Then you charge the poker location a monthly fee for being on the site."

personal swag

Can’t find the products section

cool poker shirts

Logo golf balls (good quality!)

"How about Ante up host a Bar League owners Tournament? I think the owner of Big Slick is a very Strong player,he has taught me alot over the past 5 years

So Ante up have a tournaments for them to have braging rights, I think this would make a great article"

Start an anti-up microbrewery. I’m down!

Decorative items.

free rolls

Ante Up poker seminars and events.

poker manager software

leather jackets

Free tickets.

more indebt coverage and some coupons for your favorite room or free tournament or discounts from ante up like an ante up poker club discount card reward points…etc


Tournaments in the Ga. area

Ante up UK 🙂

tournaments in AC or CT casino. more promos on Pokerstars (see what the 2+2 Pokercast is doing with their online league and NAPT satellite).

Specialty line of sanded poker chips.

Clothing Line – High Style

A bigger and better mag .one that i cannot read in 10 min

rake back might help you make more money

Small venue sponsership

More products geared towards women

"I would like to see a Bar League Play off I learned with Big Slick and now feel I am good enough to play for cash (doing pretty good! at Club 52) Or even Bar League Owner play off I would like to see that I would attend just to brag about my league, I am sure you can get one of the poker rooms to host it"

Comicical apparel for sale.

more trips

T shirts

Tournament worn memorabilia. For instance, a hat that Grinder wore during the 2010 WSOP. I’d ship money for that.

custom chips and cards

hats shirts etc

I think players are always looking for nice hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts for those cold poker rooms. Myself, I like understated clothes, some like outrageous apparel. I have a Greg Norman shirt I like to wear with the little shark logo on it. Small patches and designs that feature Ante Up on shirts would be appreciated.

Sponsored tournamnets.

Ante Up Playing Cards (by J Design of course)

A bigger online store.

put more magazines in the poker rooms, they run out fast

Where are the shirts? The hats? The underwear (especially the thongs)?

Once again, I think its good how it is and there isnt much if anything you guys really need to change.

Minnesota coverage 😉

"Be nice to have a tourney online for a cruise package, say a $50 buyin with some of the $$ put up by P* and PokerNews. Package would include a room for 2 and some cash to get a them there. I guess it would be similar to the packages being given away from the local rooms down there. This way if I win a package I could tell my wife that I’d have to go :)"

Ante Up Magazine

Ante Up Magazine