Harrah’s Tunica releases May promotions, revamps tourneys



The poker room at Harrah’s Tunica (Miss.) is revamping its tournaments with additional levels and later antes.

Also, payouts will be changed to give the players more value. First place in all tournaments will be guaranteed at least 10 times your total buy-in with a full 10 percent of the prize field still paying out. Tournaments with buy-ins of $90-plus are guaranteeing more than 10 times your buy-in for first place. All of the guarantees above are based on a minimum of 20 players.

All tournament winners are invited back every two months to play in an invitational event where in addition to the prize pool over $2,000 in WSOP Circuit Event seats will be added.

Here are some other updates and promotions for May:

• The maximum buy-in on $1-$3 no-limit games has been increased to $500.

• There is single-table jackpot that starts at $1,000 and increases $250 a day when a specific hand or higher value hand is beaten. The value of the qualifying hand goes down daily until the jackpot is awarded and then resets at the $1,000 level. Award tops out at $4,000.

• In May between 8 a.m. and noon daily the highest full house will receive $100 and an entry into a freeroll where more than $8,000 in cash and WSOPCE seats will we awarded to the top-five participants.

• The nightly Spin-to-Win continues for a chance to win up to $500 an hour and this award is now doubled between 6-9 a.m. for a chance at up to $1,000 an hour Monday through Friday.

Here’s the tournament schedule beginning May 13, and each has to have a minimum of 20 players for guarantee:

Daily Tournaments
SUNDAY, 1 PM, $500 first-place guarantee, $40 + $10, 5K chips (3K+2K)
MONDAY, 1, $600 first-place guarantee, $50 + $10, 5K chips (3K+2K)
TUESDAY, 1, $700 first-place guarantee, $60 + $10, 6K chips (4K+2K)
WEDNESDAY, 1, $800 first-place guarantee, $70+$10, 7K chips (5K+2K)
THURSDAY, 1, $1,000 first-place guarantee, $80+$10, 8K chips (6K+2K)
FRIDAY, 1, $1,100 first-place guarantee, $90+$10, 10K chips (8K+2K)
SATURDAY, 1, $1,200 first-place guarantee, ($100+$10) 10K (8K+2K)

Nightly tournaments
WEDNESDAY, 7, $2,000 Freeroll (15 hrs/wk qualifies, plus $10) 5K chips ((3K+2K)
THURSDAY, 6, $600 first-place guarantee, $50+$10, 10K chips (8Kk+2K)
FRIDAY, 6, $1,100 first-place guarantee, $90+$10, 10K chips (8K+2K)
SATURDAY, 6, $700 first-place guarantee, $60+$10, 8K chips (6K+2K)
SUNDAY, 6, $600 first-place guarantee, $50+$10, 5K chips (3K+2K)0

•In the event the number of participants results in a first place prize equal to or greater than the guarantee Harrah’s will add the following:
$100 to first place with 40 players;
$200 to first place with 41 players or more.

For more information on these promotions be sure to call the poker room at 800-946-4946 ext. 33760

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