Florida’s Mercier wins NAPT High Roller



Donning the same shirt he wore two Aprils ago when he won the 2008 EPT San Remo Main Event, and armed with a little help from one of his favorite hands, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier won the 2010 PokerStars.net NAPT Mohegan Sun $25,000 High Roller Bounty Shootout.

Mercier, a resident of Davie, Fla., battled heads-up opponent Sam Stein for the better part of three and a half hours before the most pivotal hand of the tournament took place.

Mercier moved all-in over the top of a three-bet from Stein holding pocket threes and Stein looked him up with the {a-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}. When the money went in, Stein had Mercier covered by just 13,000 chips.

Stein spiked a jack on the flop to take the lead, but the turn and river gave Mercier a runner-runner six-high straight to win the pot. Stein was eliminated from the tournament two hands later.

"Pocket threes were really lucky for me when I was 17 or 18 and that’s why I made my (online) name "treysfull," but I haven’t really won any enormous pots with threes until that one," Mercier said. His former online screenname was "treysfull21."

The win marks Mercier’s second high roller title in as many years. The 23-year-old pro also won the 2008 EPT London High Roller Event and came close to winning a third high roller title in February at the L.A. Poker Classic (third – $141,780).

Final-table payouts, including bounties:

1st: Jason Mercier, Team PokerStars USA – $475,000
2nd: Sam Stein, USA – $75,000
3rd: Faraz Jaka – $80,000
4th: Matt Glantz, USA – $70,000
5th: Shawn Buchanan, Canada – $80,000
6th: Luis Vazquez, USA – $70,000

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