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You’ve been doing a lot of interviews after your deal was announced. How’s it feel to be on the other side of the questions?

(laughs) It’s fine. You know, ironically I kinda started my career doing it that way. I did a lot of interviews when I came back from the World Series (in 2005 after finishing 13th in the main event). It’s kinda reminiscent of that. … To do this many in a row it definitely felt like ’05 all over again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your deal?

I’m just really honored and humbled that Foxwoods would consider choosing me. There are so many players out there, player who’ve been really successful. But it was something that kinda worked out very, very well. It’s a two-year deal where I’ll be sporting their logo out on the tour, on my radio show the presenting sponsor is now Foxwoods, building on what they already have. Foxwoods has one of the biggest and best rooms in the country, and I really don’t think many people can dispute that.

Will you have a chance to work with the poker room as far as designing tournaments and promotions?

Absolutely. And that’s one of the things that isn’t necessarily part of the contract per se, but I used to work for a Fortune 500 company in marketing … and this is what I used to do. … So helping the poker room increase its marketability, they can now tap into my marketing background, and with all my heart I’ll help them out.

You’re a busy guy and a family man. How difficult will it be to add this deal to your laundry list of responsibilities?

This is going to take a little bit more time, obviously, but it’s not as much as you would think. It’s not as if my workload and or my time is going to increase exponentially by three-fold. I was playing a fairly decent schedule already on tour. … My schedule, in general, I would say is Chicago and (east). I don’t usually do Las Vegas or California unless it’s the World Series or maybe a Bellagio event. I might play in an event or two more now because I have that opportunity because Foxwoods is sponsoring me.

How do you carve out time for your family when you’re touring?

I don’t take (my family) on tour. My wife doesn’t like going to casinos that much. She doesn’t mind staying in the hotel or going to the spa every once in a while, but we’ve been married 14 years and I’ve taken her on the casino floor maybe a handful (of times). And the only time she’s bet is when someone’s forced her to put a quarter in the slot machine. (laughs) But when I’m home, I’m at home. I get to take my son and daughter to school, I get to pick them up from school, I could roll around in the snow with them at 2:30 in the afternoon if I wanted to. (laughs) … I just feel so fortunate that when I’m home, I’m at home, and that’s a good thing.

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