Tell them why you’re shaking things up at the poker table



I don’t play live very often. Between the chilly rooms and being excited that I get to play, I often find myself shaking early in a session. Normally I make a comment about how cold the room is to cover it. Is there a better way to handle this? — J.Z. VIA EMAIL

A lot of times when we’re nervous or insecure, blood is withdrawn from our skin and sent to the large muscles of the body. I get the same way right before a speech; I get a little insecure so I feel cold. First recognize this is perfectly normal since you’re away from home. Second, let everyone around you know you’re cold. That often masks what’s going on as most won’t know what to make of it. Walk away from the table and pretend you to make a call or do something physical to warm up. Announce it and people will ignore it.

— Ex-FBI counterintelligence officer Joe Navarro of Tampa specialized in behavioral analysis for 25 years. He’s a star lecturer with the WSOP Academy and has penned Read ’Em and Reap. Email Joe at and he’ll answer your questions.

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