Seminoles’ Mega Bad Beat debuts tomorrow (Dec. 1)



The six Seminole Casino poker rooms have come together to give you a chance at a Mega Bad Beat jackpot.

Starting Dec. 1, all of the Seminole rooms will combine their bad-beat jackpots into one, making every property eligible to hit the Mega Bad Beat. For this jackpot to be won, the "losing" player must be in a cash game and have at least quad 10s beat.

Dealers rake $1 from pots $10 or more. In case you’re wondering, you need to have more than four players at your table for your hand to be eligible. And here’s how it will pay out: 50 percent to the "loser" 30 percent to the "winner" and 20 percent to the rest of the table.

Also, if you’re playing at Seminole Immokalee’s card room and the Mega is hit at ANY of the properties you’ll still receive $100.

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