BREAKING NEWS: Schaffel eliminated in 8th place at WSOP final table



Kevin Schaffel, the November Niner from Coral Springs, has been eliminated from the World Series of Poker’s Main Event, and his exit wasn’t pretty.

Schaffel, the subject of the cover story this month in <em>Ante Up</em>, got his money in good vs. Eric Buchman when he had pocket aces vs. Buchman’s pocket kings. But the board wasn’t kind to Schaffel as Buchman made quads. The loss is particularly bitter as Schaffel had just doubled up to about 19 million chips, putting him into contention. But he finishes eighth, good for $1.3 million.

Nick Sortal, the gambling columnist for the Sun-Sentinel, emailed <em>Ante Up</em> to say he called Schaffel’s brother Jordan and here’s what Jordan told him: "Bad luck," he said Saturday night. "If his aces hold up, he’s sitting in second place. All the poker players here just keep telling him he played great. We’re very proud of him." Here’s a link to Sortal’s <a href="">blog</a>.

Here is a video interview with Schaffel after he was eliminated. The video comes courtesy of Ante Up’s partner PokerNews.

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