Future of higher poker limits getting cloudier



In an <a href="http://www.ocala.com/article/20091015/ARTICLES/910151009/1402/NEWS?Title=Without-shuffle-no-deal">Ocala.Com</a> story today, House Rep. Bill Galvano repeats his mantra that the Florida House will stand firm in its opposition to a Seminole Compact that deviates significantly from the blueprint laid out in Senate Bill 788.

That’s no surprise, but Gulfstream Park lobbyist Marc Dunbar added that future prospects for gambling expansion are bleak. The 2010 regular session of the Legislature in March and April is during an election year, and Dunbar says gambling issue historically don’t do well in election years. And in 2011, Rep. Dean Cannon – an ardent opponent of gambling – will become House Speaker.

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