Floridians earn more than $6 million at World Series – and counting



Play at the World Series of Poker is down to just the final nine players – who will return to Las Vegas in November. Among them is Kevin Schaffel of Coral Springs, and that means this year’s tally of how Floridians fared at the WSOP will be incomplete until then.

But here’s the toteboard right now, including the money guaranteed Schaffel:

<strong>Florida at 2009 WSOP

<strong>Money won:</strong>$6,690,738


<strong>Players who cashed:</strong> 224

<strong>Final tables:</strong>19


And here’s how that compares to last year:

<strong>Florida at 2008 WSOP

<strong>Money won:</strong>$6,945,796


<strong>Players who cashed:</strong> 237

<strong>Final tables:</strong>21


Here are Florida’s leaders at this year’s WSOP


1. Kevin Schaffel, Coral Springs, $1,263,602 (guarenteed)

2. James Calderaro, Venice, $633,022

3. Steven Karp, North Miami Beach, $420,170

4. Noah Schwartz, Bay Harbor Island, $297,665

5. Jason Mercier, Davie, $288,170


1. Anthony Cousineau, Daytona Beach, 7

2. Justin Smith, Orlando, 5

3t. Jason Mercier, Davie, 4

3t. Matthew Waxman, Parkland, 4

3t. Vanessa Rousso, Hobe Sound, 4

3t. Robert Campbell, North Miami, 4

3t. John Racener, Port Richey, 4

<strong>Final tables</strong>

1. Chad Brown, Margate, 2

2. 17 tied, 1


1. Jason Mercier, Davie, 1

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