Two Floridians left in World Series Main Event



Two of the three Floridians who played the World Series of Poker Main Event’s Day 7 are alive for today’s Day 8, which begins at 3 p.m. ET.

With just 27 players remaining, play today will continue until just nine remain. Those nine, dubbed the "November Nine," will return to Las Vegas in November to finish out the tournament.

Kevin Schaffel of Coral Springs has moved up to fifth place with 11,245,000 in in chips, while James Calderaro of Venice is 13th with 6,475,000 in chips.

Ryan Fair of Ft. Lauderdale saw his World Series run end on Tuesday in 31st place.

<strong>Florida cashers

31. Ryan Fair, Ft. Lauderdale, $253,941

118. Roy Vasquez, Jacksonville, $40,288

134. Jim Hartley, St. Petersburg, $40,288

142. Jose Rosenkrantz, Miami, $40,288

144. Alex Prendes, Miami, $40,288

180. Dan Bilzerian, Tampa, $36,626

181. Paul Smith, Cape Coral, $36,626

226. Amir Levahot, Weston, $32,963

257. Maxim Semisoshenko, St. Petersburg, $32,963

276. Vincent Mack, Palm Bay, $32,963

279. Matthew Schwarmann, Orlando, $32, 963

296. Kirk Banks, Naples, $29,911

399. Matthew Waxman, Parkland, $27,469

458. Geoffrey Herzog, Jacksonville Beach, $25,027

472. Steven Feren, Sunrise, $25,027

477. Robert Campbell, Miami, $25,027

501. Anders Taylor, Gainesville, $25,027

507. Kenneth Weiner, Wellington, $23,196

552. Terry McKerchie, Davie, $23,196

571. Kyle Brown, Ft. Lauderdale, $23,196

583. Jason Sackler, Orlando, $21,365

610. Richard Kane, Brandon, $21,365

636. Jaroslaw Osinski, Naples, $21,365

<strong>Florida to date</strong>

<strong>Money won:</strong>$4,794,114


<strong>Final tables:</strong>18


<strong>Florida players who cash (or their families or friends) are encouraged to e-mail contact details to</st rong>

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