Amir Lehavot of Weston leads WSOP Main Event



Amir Lehavot, a pro player from Weston, is atop the World Series of Poker leaderboard heading into Day 3, which begins at 3 p.m. ET on Friday.

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-588" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0px 6px;" title="Amir Main Event Day2bMain Event Day2bIDS_8085_IMPDI_IMPDI" src="×300.jpg" alt="Amir Main Event Day2bMain Event Day2bIDS_8085_IMPDI_IMPDI" width="119" height="180" />Lehavot is a 38-year-old poker pro who who was born in Israel.  He arrived in the U.S. at the age of 16.  Prior to playing poker for a living, Lehavot worked as an engineer, specializing in design.

Lehavot was down to 7,000 in chips on Day 1, but crawled back to 80,000 in chips.  On Day 2-B, Lehavot ran it up to 610,500, tops among the 2,044 remaining players.
"During Day One, I was at 7,000 (in chips).  So, it really feels nice to come back," he said. "I even had to make a suck out on Day One.  So, it feels nice. I had some really nice hands most of the day, and (30 minutes before Day 2 ended), I had a huge hand.  I got another 250,000 in chips.  I had just moved to this table and had just sat down.  There was this other big stack that had 250,000.  I had pocket threes and flopped a set.  Most of my chips came from that one pot."
This is Lehavot’s third consecutive year to play in the Main Event, but he’s never cashed.

"Last year, I got up to 200,000," he said. "But I got too aggressive and lost it."
Lehavot recently started a poker website,, that features his comments about key hands he played at various times during the WSOP. Lehavot’s poker nickname is “AmirSF.”

"It feels great.  But I have played in a lot of tournaments and I know.  There is a long way to go and it does not necessarily mean that much (to be chip leader) at this point.  It’s nice, but there is still a long way to go," he said. "If I cash, it is really not life-changing for me.  I am looking to go deep."

Remaining Florida players, with rank, hometown and chip count:

1    Lehavot, Amir    Weston    FL    610,500
4    Bilzerian, Dan    Tampa    FL    439,500
40    Schaffel, Kevin    Coral Springs    FL    279,600
72    Waxman, Matthew    Parkland    FL    233,300
131    Brown, Kyle    Ft. Lauderdale    FL    206,300
174    Herzog, Geoffrey    Jacksonville Beach    FL    188,900
175    Mathis, Jeffrey    Ponte Vera    FL    188,400
188    Banks, Kirk    Naples    FL    184,600
219    Schwarmann, Matt    Orlando    FL    176,400
257    Osinski, Jaroslaw    Naples     FL    164,600
270    Tarawneh, Waseem    Ocala    FL    162,000
277    Naranjo, Juan    Miami Lakes    FL    161,400
294    Peterson, Paul    Gainesville    FL    156,700
301    Cherry, Lou    Naples     FL    155,700
311    Campbell, Robert    Miami    FL    153,200
330    Winzler, Hans    Miami    FL    150,000
345    Bird, John    Zephyrhills    FL    148,300
350    Fair, Ryan    Fort Lauderdale    FL    147,600
351    Smith, Paul    Cape Coral     FL    147,600
360    Cabrera, Elio    Homestead    FL    146,000
419    Prendes, Alex    Miami    FL    136,200
472    House, Thomas    Palm Coast    FL    130,300
492    Gavile, Adrian    Tampa    FL    127,700
546    Sackler, Jason    Orlando    FL    121,400
549    Lekach, Ilia    Golden Beach    FL    120,900

552    Burbick, Corey    Davie    FL    120,500
619    Mizrachi, Robert    Sunny Isles Beach FL    113,600

628    Mack, Vincent    Palm Bay    FL    112,300
630    Ladines, Joshua    Orlando    FL    112,100
656    Weiner, Ken    Wellington    FL    109,500
667    Feren, Steven    Sunrise    FL    108,200
687    Dlugozima, Paul    St. Petersburg    FL    106,200
700    Calderon, James    Venice    FL    104,900
781    DiMeglio, Frank    Naples    FL    98,000
820    Been, Aaron    Tallahassee    FL    95,300
873    Drake, Eric    Jacksonville    FL    90,800
894    Vasquez, Roy    Jacksonville    FL    89,300
896    Joyner, James    Ponte Vedre Beach    FL    89,200
902    Cool, Colin    New Smyrna Beach    FL    89,000
915    Adler, Nathan    Fort Myers    FL    87,500
921    Pages, Fernando    Miami    FL    87,100
938    Rosenkrantz, Jose    Miami Lakes    FL    86,000
939    Bauerlein, Gene    St. Petersburg    FL    85,900
993    Wang, Yuejian    Boca Raton    FL    81,800
1002    Dumont, Daniel    Maitland    FL    81,300
1033    Fischer, Seth    Palm Harbor    FL    79,000
1042    Mansour, Zuhdi    Tampa    FL    78,700
1049    Petrat, Willard    Sarasota    FL    78,100
1059    Tomberlin, Eric    Orange Park    FL    77,500
1064    Starner, Philip    Belleview    FL    77,000
1072    Delk, Jena    Merritt Island    FL    76,400
1086    McCarty, Jason    Coconut Creek    FL    75,600
1115    Scott, Jacquelyn    Ft. Lauderdale    FL    73,600
1173    Kane, Richard    Brandon    FL    70,400
1174    Ryan, Bill    West Palm Beach    FL    70,400
1200    Siem, Paul    Clearwater    FL    68,500
1229    McKerchie, terry    Davie    FL    66,800
1420    Mallory, Ferral    Cape Coral    FL    55,300
1433    Hartley, Jim    St. Petersburg    FL    54,500
1470    Herrera, Alberto    Ocala    FL    51,900
1475    Desena, Tom    Boca Raton    FL    51,700
1485    Gotlieb, Joseph    Hollywood    FL    51,300
1490    Edwards, Thomas    Sanford    FL    51,000
1502    Taylor, Anders    Gainesville    FL    50,100
1503    Wahl, Bartlett    Lake Placid    FL    50,000
1509    Beasley, Mike    Hollywood    FL    49,800
1711    Allen, Brandon    Miami    FL    36,000
1735    Chiappetta, Mike    Boca Raton    FL    34,200
1758    Shoichet, Mark    Royal Palm Beach    FL    32,700
1775    Lahr, Chris    Fort Walton Beach    FL    31,500
1804    Cousineau, Tony    Daytona Beach    FL    30,100
1809    Racener, John    Tampa    FL    29,700
1827    Fowler, David    Deltona    FL    28,800
1831    Wisser, Phillip    Miami    FL    28,700

1834    Slay, Kelley    Jacksonville    FL    28,500
1844    Brown, Chad    Margate FL    27,800

1879    Cooper, Bob    Plantation    FL    25,200
1947    Tomko, Derek    Winter Haven     FL    19,000
1991    Shield, Joseph    St Pete    FL    15,200
2003    Lade, Terry    Palm Coast    FL    13,000
2007    Stanchewski, Paul    Jutz    FL    12,200
2016    Zlatkiss, Robert    Orlando    FL    10,300

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