WSOP Event #36: Burbick and Gabriel get 2nd cashes



Corey Burbick of Davie and Thomas Gabriel of Lake Mary each picked up their second cashes of this year’s World Series of Poker in Event #36 (No-Limit Hold’em). The $2,000 event drew 1,695 players.

<strong>Florida cashers</strong>

21. Kyle Brown, Ft. Lauderdale, $15,270

79. Corey Burbick, Davie, $6,262

87. Robert Zelinka, Delray Beach, $5,614

89. Jason Sackler, Orlando, $5,614

100. Kyle Thacker, Naples, $4,658

113. Thomas Gabriel, Lake Mary, $4,658

154, Ashley Butler, Tampa, $4,010

160. Agop Rustemoglu, Ft. Lauderdale, $4,010

164. David Whitley, Homestead, $4,010

<strong>Florida to date</strong>

<strong>Money won:</strong>$2,813,741


<strong>Final tables:</strong>12


<strong>Florida players who cash (or their families or friends) are encouraged to e-mail contact details to</st rong>

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